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Choosing a GP

A good relationship with your GP is essential to your health

It is important to find a doctor with whom you are comfortable being completely open and honest.

A trusting, long-term relationship with a GP is the best way to ensure you receive consistent, quality healthcare throughout your life.

When choosing a GP, it is important to consider the following points.


Friends and family may have helpful suggestions of GPs in your area who will suit your needs. Doctors and other medical professionals may also be able to recommend GPs with particular areas of interest and specialisations.

Location and opening hours

Consider where and when you will most likely want to visit your GP. You may wish to visit a doctor close to your home, close to your work or at another convenient location. If you believe you will need to visit your GP outside of usual operating hours on a regular basis, you may also wish to look at practices offering extended hours.


If consultation costs are a concern for you, ask about billing and payment practices when you are selecting a GP.


It is important that you feel comfortable discussing all aspects of your health with your GP. You may have a preference for a female or a male doctor, an older or younger doctor; or you may have particular language or cultural preferences.

While it is useful to do some research before selecting a GP, the best way to discover if a particular GP is the right fit for you is to book a consultation, meet your GP and talk to them about your needs and expectations. If you are not satisfied that you’ve found your GP you can always visit other practices and doctors until you have found the right GP for you.