Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mental health

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

Supporting health professionals in improving knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mental health care.

Location: National

Provider: The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists

Topics: Mental wellbeing | Motivational interviewing

Chronic Disease Support Program

General population

This course covers assessing risk factors for chronic disease, exploring readiness to change and developing self-management plans.

Location: National

Provider: The Benchmarque Group

Topics: Chronic disease

Diabetes Academy - What's New in Diabetes

General population

The course aims to help practitioners to organise and manage the comprehensive care of a patient with diabetes.

Location: National

Provider: The University of Melbourne

Topics: Diabetes

LiveLighter Clinical Health Professional resources

General population

Tools and resources for professional development and shortcuts to popular patient resources

Location: National

Provider: Cancer Council Victoria

Topics: Motivational interviewing | Nutrition | Obesity | Physical activity

Life! Program

General population

Program run by expert health professionals delivered as a group course or a telephone health coaching service.

Location: VIC

Provider: Diabetes Victoria

Topics: Cardiovascular disease | Diabetes | Nutrition | Physical activity | Referral to allied health professional

Enhancing Patient Outcomes through Lifestyle Interventions

General population

This course introduces behaviour-change strategies to adopt exercise as a regular part of patients lifestyles.

Location: National

Provider: Exercise & Sports Science Australia

Topics: Physical activity

Influencing behaviour change in general practice

General population

This two part article provides a background to approaches to influencing behaviour change in general practice and explores motivational interviewing in more detail.

Location: National

Provider: Australian Family Physician

Topics: Motivational interviewing

Effect of modest salt reduction on blood pressure: a meta-analysis of randomized trials

General population

This journal article found that reducing your salt intake will improve your blood pressure.

Location: National

Provider: Journal of Human Hypertension volume

Topics: Cardiovascular disease | Nutrition

Integrating physical activity in primary care practice

General population

This journal article presents a model for physical activity counseling for primary care physicians.

Location: National

Provider: The American Journal of Medicine

Topics: Motivational interviewing | Physical activity

Effectiveness of brief nutrition interventions on dietary behaviours in adult

General population

This evidence review shows that brief interventions can significantly improve patients’ nutrition behaviours.

Location: National

Provider: Appetite

Topics: Motivational interviewing | Nutrition