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Chapter 5: The future of the GP workforce

5.3 Effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on GPs in training

The pandemic has had several effects on the experiences of GPs in training, most commonly disruption to routine teaching (47%), the creation of uncertainty for the remainder of the training year (41%) and disruption to exam preparation due to unconfirmed exam dates (41%).25

Figure 47. GPs in training reported mixed effects of COVID-19 on their training

GPs in training reported mixed effects of COVID-19 on their training

Data of less than 5% not labelled.
Includes respondents from AGPT Program, Remote Vocational Training Scheme, the RACGP PEP and the ACRRM Independent Pathway.
Measure: Responses to question, ‘Upon reflection, overall the impacts of COVID-19 on my training have been …’.
Base: n = 2593.
Data source: Medical Board of Australia and AHPRA. Medical Training Survey 2020: National report. Melbourne: MBA and AHPRA, 2020.

Almost 10% of AGPT Program participants surveyed reported that COVID-19 restrictions have prevented them from changing their training practice when planned.26 Collaboration with other registrars, workshops, progression towards completion, diversity, and exams and assessments were most commonly reported as being very negatively affected by COVID-19.26

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