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Chapter 4: Job satisfaction and work–life balance

4.2 Variety of work

GPs are very satisfied with the variety that comes with a career in general practice (Figure 36).

As in previous years, GPs spend most of their time in direct patient care or consultations (71%) or in other patient-related activities (14%) (Figure 38). GPs who own their own practice spend a greater proportion of their time in practice management and administration (10%) than non-owners (4%).3

More than three in four GPs reported the amount of time spent on care coordination activities (patient follow-up, case conferences, letters related to patient care, etc) has increased over the past 10 years. Almost one in two (46%) GPs reported a significant increase, and one in three (32%) a slight increase.3

Figure 38. GPs spend most of their work day in direct patient care

GPs spend most of their work day in direct patient care

Due to rounding, figures do not add to 100%.
Measure: GP responses to the question, ‘What proportion of your hours are spent on the following activities in a typical week?’
Base: Responses to survey question, n = 1373.
Source: EY Sweeney, RACGP GP Fellow Survey, May 2021.

  • 3. EY Sweeney. RACGP GP Fellow Survey. Melbourne: EY Sweeney, 2021.