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Health of the nation Backup



This report comprises information drawn from a variety of sources, including publicly available data from the Department of Health’s (DoH’s) Medicare statistics, the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW), the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) and the Productivity Commission.

This report used data from the MABEL (Medicine in Australia: Balancing Employment and Life) longitudinal survey of doctors conducted by the University of Melbourne and Monash University (the MABEL research team). Funding for MABEL has been provided by the National Health and Medical Research Council (2007 to 2016: 454799 and 1019605); the Australian Department of Health and Ageing (2008); Health Workforce Australia (2013); and, in 2017, the University of Melbourne, Medibank Better Health Foundation, the NSW Ministry of Health, and the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services.

The MABEL study was approved by the University of Melbourne, Faculty of Business and Economics Human Ethics Advisory Group (Ref. 0709559) and the Monash University Standing Committee on Ethics in Research Involving Humans (Ref. CF07/1102 – 2007000291). The MABEL research team bears no responsibility for how the data has been analysed, used or summarised in this report.


The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) is Australia’s largest professional general practice organisation, representing 90% of the general practice profession.

The RACGP is responsible for defining the nature of the general practice discipline, setting the standards and curriculum for education and training, maintaining the standards for high-quality clinical practice, and supporting general practitioners (GPs) in their pursuit of excellence in patient care and community service.


The RACGP thanks the general practice community for its ongoing passion, support and dedication to the health of the nation. Thanks also to the many RACGP Fellows who responded to the Health of the Nation survey.

Many GPs have provided input, ideas and feedback during the development of the 2020 Health of the Nation report. The RACGP thanks members of the RACGP Expert Committee – Funding and Health System Reform for their contribution.

Dr Michael Wright, Chair
Dr Colin Metz
Dr Emil Djakic
Dr George Somers
Dr Mukesh Haikerwal
Dr Rachael Sutherland
Dr Rashmi Sharma
Dr Edwin Kruys
Dr David Carruthers
Mr Brett McPherson,  Practice Manager

The RACGP also thanks employees involved in writing and preparing this report:

Mr Roald Versteeg, General Manager,  Policy, Practice and Innovation
Ms Michelle Gonsalvez, National Manager, Policy and Advocacy
Ms Madeleine Senior, Program Manager, Funding and Health System Reform
Ms Jemma Peattie, Senior Policy Officer, Funding and Health System Reform
Dr Tim Senior, Medical Advisor, RACGP Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health
Mr Gilbert Hennequin, Manager, Training Programs
Dr Rebecca Stewart, Clinical Lead, Training Programs
Strategic Marketing & Communications department
Information Technology department