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Pre-conference workshops

The pre-conference workshop day returns for GP22

There will be 6 pre-conference workshops on offer this year, each requiring pre-registration and all involve both predisposing and reinforcing activities. These 4.5-hour workshops have been approved for 40 CPD points, unless otherwise stated. These workshops will not be repeated throughout the GP22 conference program.
These workshops are open only to registered medical practitioners, general practice registrars or RACGP Resident/Intern members.
Spaces are limited, so register now to attend GP22 and secure your preferred workshop.

Pre-conference workshop details:

Date: Thursday 24 November 2022
Time: 9.30am – 3.00pm*
Venue: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre*
Cost: See prices in the description for each workshop below.

*Unless otherwise stated



This accredited activity will enhance your rural emergency medicine skills as you rotate through seven hands-on simulated scenarios that reflect real rural and remote challenges. There is a strong emphasis on common rural emergency medicine situations and the coordination and communication with other healthcare professionals. Participants will also develop strategies for self-care, stress management and debriefing.

Learning outcomes

  • Evaluate critical management considerations for common rural emergency presentations
  • Demonstrate interprofessional teamwork including effective leadership and active team membership
  • Discuss the role of situational awareness in an emergency situation
  • Apply the ISOBAR handover technique to communicate effectively in a clinical scenario
  • Develop a plan for debriefing that can be applied in own practice following a serious emergency situation
  • Create a plan for own self-care that can be applied following a serious emergency situation

Cost: $99 per person
Provider: RACGP Rural
Activity No.: 338559


This full-day workshop will help increase your understanding of the applications of point-of-care ultrasound in the diagnostic process. Experts will guide you through the diverse applications of point-of-care ultrasound in rural primary care. You will be introduced to basic techniques using advanced, high-end mobile ultrasound equipment provided by our sponsor GE Healthcare.

The workshop is capped at 30 participants to allow increased hands-on experience. Participants will rotate through six ultrasound skills stations:

  • eFast
  • deep venous thrombosis
  • heart and lung ultrasound
  • intravenous line placement and foreign object retrieval
  • musculoskeletal soft tissue
  • first trimester transabdominal obstetric ultrasound.

Learning outcomes

  • Apply the Extended Focused Assessment with Sonography for Trauma (eFAST) protocol
  • Assess the presence of a viable intrauterine pregnancy using first trimester obstetric trans-abdominal ultrasound
  • Utilise ultrasound to safely guide an intravenous line placement
  • Interpret ultrasound images to diagnose cellulitis and abscess
  • Evaluate the presence of deep vein thrombosis using a lower leg compression ultrasound
  • Assess lungs and heart systematically with ultrasound

Cost: $99 per person
Provider: RACGP Rural
Activity No.: 246727


This session is designed to enable GPs to diagnose and treat various types of skin cancer, understand histopathology report formats and terminology; and the correlation of the dermatoscopic features of skin lesions and the corresponding histological findings.

Learning outcomes

  • Diagnose and appropriately manage the various types of BCC, SCC and Melanoma
  • Identify the key features of pigmented and non-pigmented skin lesions using dermatoscopic analysis
  • Diagnose melanoma using clinical clues
  • Differentiate between innocuous lesions and those which require treatment
  • Perform skin cancer excisions on lesions requiring surgical treatment according to recommended guidelines

Cost: $99 per person
Provider: Sonic Education
Activity No.: 199691


A one-day course aimed at providing the participant with the skills and knowledge to manage the patient in the immediate period of crisis. It includes the recognition, assessment and immediate management of the deteriorating patient and cardiac arrest.

 Appropriate candidates include General Practitioners, medical students, nurses and other health care professionals with infrequent exposure to crisis events.


  • Recognition, assessment and management of the critically ill patient using a structured ABCDE approach (aiming to prevent cardiac arrest)
  • Airway management skills
  • Basic Life Support
  • Defibrillation skills (Manual and/or AED modes)
  • Cardiac arrest management using the ARC ALS Algorithm
  • Work as an effective team member in a cardiac arrest

Cost: $249
Provider: TBC
Activity No.: TBC



A fundamental reason for working as a GP is the desire to help those suffering. However, it is that empathic response that can create the greatest risk to Burnout, Compassion Fatigue and Vicarious Trauma.

Furthermore, we know that the burgeoning red tape and responsibilities contribute to stress and impact the performance of doctors resulting in poorer health and medical errors.

This interactive 4.5hr workshop aims to reinvigorate your passion to work in your chosen field and re-experience the satisfaction of helping those in need. We will:

  • Identify the signs of Burnout, Compassion Fatigue and Vicarious Trauma
  • Learn how your values impact your fatigue
  • Address your helping mindset
  • Learn skills to clinically but compassionately distant yourself from the work
  • Practice mindfully
  • Apply self-awareness tools to your daily work
  • Understanding the ABCs of resilience

Learning outcomes

  • Assess the barriers for doctors engaging with peers as patients.
  • Discuss the challenges associated with mandatory reporting.
  • Assess personal mental health and strategies such as mindfulness to maintain well-being.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of mindfulness as a strategy for managing personal health and wellbeing.

Cost: $99 per person
Provider: RACGP Victoria
Activity No.: 296065


The last two years have been challenging for all business owners, but especially for general practice owners. On top of caring for your patients during a deadly pandemic, you had a business to manage in very trying conditions.

The Practice Owners Masterclass comprises a one-day interactive workshop built around an existing clinic case study of two GP owners. The workshop aims to step you through the development of a successful business and strategic plan covering the below key areas:

  • Development of a business and strategic plan
  • Accounting and financials
  • Getting the best out of your people and practice staff
  • Patients and services
  • Doctor payments

You’ll come away from this highly practical workshop with real-world solutions and strategies to implement in your practice immediately.

Learning outcomes

  • Discuss the importance of developing, reviewing, and integrating a business plan
  • Review how all business operations extend to services offered, systems, and processes and impact the successful culture of the organisation
  • Identify what changes or initiatives to be made in your own practice and identify solutions
  • Acquire the tools to increase your chances of success to grow your business
  • Develop action points to achieve the plan.
Cost: Member: $260
          Non-member: $325
Provider: TBC
Activity No.: 331939

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