16 October 2020

RACGP to suspend the Candidate Assessment and Applied Knowledge Test for final 2021 AGPT intake

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) is suspending the Candidate Assessment and Applied Knowledge Test (CAAKT) for the final intake of the 2021 Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) program and will provide a full refund to candidates.

The test, scheduled to commence from Monday 19 October, uses the same platform as the Key Feature Problem (KFP) exam which had to be cancelled last week.

RACGP Acting President Associate Professor Ayman Shenouda said the RACGP has reached an agreement with Regional Training Organisations (RTOs) to allow all final intake candidates to progress through the selection process without delay.

“After considering all our options, we simply could not risk candidates experiencing what KFP candidates went through last Friday, and have instead worked quickly with RTOs to come up with an alternative approach,” he said.

“Given the relatively small number of candidates for the second and final AGPT intake for 2021, the RTOs have agreed all CAAKT candidates will automatically progress to the final selection process where their medical knowledge as well as their clinical, ethical and other decision-making skills will be tested at the multiple mini interview.”

“The use of multiple mini interviews is a familiar step in the selection process which means that we are not introducing a new methodology for candidates late in the selection process.”

RTOs will be in touch directly with candidates about the scheduling of these stage three interviews.

“We will also fully refund the $725 selection fee candidates have paid, and will commence the refund process next week,” Associate Professor Shenouda said.

The Acting RACGP President said that candidates do not need to take any immediate action to receive this refund or continue with the 2021 AGPT selection process.

“I appreciate candidates will have made preparations for this assessment that extend well beyond making themselves available at the appointed time on test day,” he said.

“Those efforts will not be wasted and will still be of benefit for candidates in the alternate selection process.”

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The CAAKT is the second stage of the selection process for the Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) program and this particular CAAKT is for the final intake for the 2021 AGPT program.

CAAKT candidates have already completed a comprehensive AGPT application, which was assessed before they were invited to sit the CAAKT.

The CAAKT screens and ranks candidates based on their knowledge, skills and attributes related to becoming a GP and is a vital stage in the selection process where there is a large cohort of applicants for a limited number of training places.

Candidates who pass the CAAKT are still subject to further assessment through the robust interview stage conducted by RTOs.

In removing the requirement for the CAAKT, and therefore the candidate ranking, for the final intake of the 2021 AGPT program, we are relying on RTOs to make their assessments and offers based on the well-established and robust multi mini interview process.

In consultation with RTOs, it was confirmed they had the confidence and capacity to assess all CAAKT candidates through the interview stage of the selection process.

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