23 March 2020

RACGP building rural and remote GP workforce with more flexible training

Australia’s largest representative body of rural and remote general practitioners, the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP), is making additional rural skills training more flexible for GP trainees.

Future GPs with an interest in training as an RACGP Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) – Rural Generalist (RG) Registrar can now opt in to train as a RG at any stage of their training. Opting in at the beginning of training is as simple as ticking a box. They can also opt out of RG training if their situation changes down the track, and continue their AGPT training with no disruption.

RACGP’s AGPT-RG training will not only give trainees increased flexibility, but also more opportunities to gain a range of additional skills in their pursuit of a rewarding career in rural and remote Australia.

Vice President of the RACGP and Chair of RACGP Rural, Associate Professor Ayman Shenouda, said the more flexible training pathway would make a real difference for future GPs.

“This is about making it easier for future GPs to choose the right training pathway for their circumstances and aspirations.

“It will make it more straightforward for a future GP who’s chosen to live in a rural or remote community to opt into the RG pathway, and in doing so, that community will benefit from this training.” 

RACGP’s AGPT RG program will train future GPs to deliver both comprehensive general practice and emergency care as well as components of other medical specialist care in hospital and community settings.

Associate Professor Shenouda said the AGPT RG program was designed to equip future GPs with the skills to meet gaps in rural health services.

“For a GP to have these additional skills under their belt when they complete their training will be not only enormously beneficial to their career, but also to their patients and the rural and remote communities in which they live.

“Every rural and remote community across Australia deserves access to highly trained GPs who understand their unique needs – I’m proud that the RACGP is playing a key role in making that happen.”

RACGP is delivering its AGPT RG training in partnership with Regional Training Organisations (RTOs).

Benefits for future GPs in opting to train as AGPT-RGs

  • You have up to 6 years from commencement of training to gain your FRACGP & FARGP – an additional, optional 52 weeks of funded training and support are available
  • You can complete your ARST training in MMM-1 locations and / or with other RTOs if the placement required to complete your ARST is not available where you are training

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