10 October 2018

Queensland practice crusading against Hep C named 2018 General Practice of the Year

News Media releases October 2018 Queensland practice crusading against Hep C named 2018 General Practice of the Year
Medeco Inala, a Queensland general practice dedicated to providing top quality medical care to a low socio-economic area, under-serviced by other medical specialists, has been named the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners’ (RACGP) 2018 General Practice of the year.

The award recognises a general practice that demonstrates an exceptional approach to patient health and wellbeing, exemplary service and quality of care, and is involved in health promotion initiatives and general practice training.

RACGP President-elect Dr Harry Nespolon, who will present the award at the RACGP’s annual conference – GP18 – on the Gold Coast, said the Medeco Inala team was a deserving recipient of the award for its effort to champion health services tailored to their community.

“Medeco Inala has become a strong voice within Inala and the surrounding community, supporting the needs of patients and driving health programs to ensure health services are available to everyone in the community,” Dr Nespolon said. 

“The team at Medeco Inala speaks at various community-based events and conducts culturally sensitive presentations for the Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Samoan communities.”

Medeco Inala’s one practice crusade, the Hep C Kombi Clinic initiative, which operates weekly with two doctors, a nurse, a phlebotomist and a fibroscanner, has had a substantial impact on decreasing rates of Hepatitis C in the community. 

Dr Nespolon commended Medeco Inala’s focus on eradicating Hepatitis C.

“By making treatment for Hepatitis C more mobile, people who are most disadvantaged, marginalised and excluded from mainstream medical services are able to access treatment that can cure the disease,” Dr Nespolon said.

“The Hep C Kombi Clinic is an invaluable asset and the people of Inala are in very capable hands.

“Every member of the practice team is passionate about delivering high quality medical care to improve the lives of their patients.”

Medeco Inala has built an allied practice team that addresses the demands of the area such as a dietitian for the high levels of people living with obesity, three part-time psychologists to attend to mental health matters, a gynaecologist, and an endocrinologist. Together with the primary care of Medeco Inala GPs, the teams work to provide high quality, cost-effective services for all patients. 
GP18 runs from 11 – 13 October 2018 at the Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre. Visit the GP18 website for more information.

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