Clinical appeals

AGPT clinical appeals process

RACGP rural and metropolitan registrars within the AGPT Program have access to an appeals process.

Under this process, registrars may appeal decisions related to their progression through, or withdrawal from, the AGPT Program, as well as decisions related to remediation requirements and outcomes.

Access to this process will be available when attempts to resolve the issue at the Regional Training Organisation (RTO) level have been exhausted. The registrar may then submit an appeal application to the Department of Health; the Department will make a determination as to whether the appeal is clinical or administrative in nature. If clinical, the Department will then forward the appeal application to the RACGP.

In late 2016, the Department of Health devolved administration of AGPT clinical appeals to the Colleges. The RACGP will administer the program in 2017.

Further information

For comprehensive information about this program, please see the RACGP’s Appeals Policy and Guidance Document or contact Australian General Practice Training.