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Dr Daniel Straw

Moving on from medical school, Melbourne


Dr Erin Gordon


Making the choice to become a GP was an easy one for recently graduated medical student, Dr Daniel Straw. Having a career that is both diverse in practice and gives him the opportunity to travel around Australia to different communities.

For Daniel, general practice is one of the most mobile professions because, no matter how big or small a place is, they all need GPs.

Inspired during his general practice placement in regional Victoria, Daniel saw the opportunities to expand skills was possible; further than what most people might think a GP does.

Having so far enjoyed each aspect of medicine, but never enough of one specialty to do only that, Daniel is pursuing the specialty that best enables him to have a varied workload – general practice.

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"The flexibility and the mobility that I get from this career choice and how it’s going to allow me to continue doing the things that I love … the idea of [general practice] is really attractive to me for that reason."

Dr Karina Lim



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