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The RACGP website, gplearning, shareGP, and other online services will be unavailable during this time. 

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Rural Programs

Rural Procedural Grants Program (RPGP)


The RPGP provides financial support to maintain and enhance the clinical skills of General Practitioners (GPs) and locums who deliver:

  1. unsupervised anaesthetics, obstetrics and / or surgery in ACGC-RA 1*-5 locations (1* dependent on additional approval)
  2. unsupervised emergency medicine in 24-hour triaging Accident and Emergency facilities located in ASGC-RA 2-5 locations.

This financial support is offered as a grant of $2000 per day for up to 10 days of training per financial year for procedural GPs and for up to 3 days of training per financial year for GPs providing hospital based emergency services.

If you deliver any of the above services in a rural or remote location, you may be eligible to participate in the program. However to receive these grants you must apply to register in the RPGP through either the RACGP or through the ACRRM prior to attending grant approved training.

Claims Form

From Monday 9 January 2017 all 'RPGP Claims' MUST be submitted with the Grants Claim Form (download from the list below) together with the appropriate supporting evidence.

Completed claims forms should be emailed to

Please note that claims submitted with incomplete details or insufficient evidence will be returned to the claimant and this may delay payments. 

To access this program

GPs need to complete a Rural Procedural Grants Program “Application to Register” form and provide documentation indicating they are a current unsupervised provider of anaesthetic, obstetric, surgical and / or emergency medicine in a hospital or other appropriately equipped facility .

Eligibility for the program is determined by the RACGP or the ACRRM.

Should you have difficulty downloading this document, please contact the Rural Procedural Grants team at or 1800 636 764 and they will send these documents to you.

The RACGP will do the rest

Interested GPs who wish to register through the RACGP should email their application form and relevant documentation to the Rural Procedural Grants team at  The RACGP will process applications and will forward registration details of successful applicants to Medicare Australia who will maintain the register of eligible GPs.   


Once an individual GP has been accepted into the program, he / she will be notified by the RACGP. Upon entry into the program, doctors can then claim payment for procedural and emergency medicine activities they subsequently attend that are a minimum of six hours in duration and are relevant to the discipline in which they have been registered in the program.

Eligible educational activity may include supervised clinical attachments (forms available below), workshops and scientific conferences. The RACGP and the ACRRM assess the eligibility of educational activities for inclusion in the Program. GPs are encouraged to contact the RACGP or the ACRRM prior to registering for educational activities to confirm whether they are eligible for program support.