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Regional Training Providers (RTP)

Regional Training Organisations (RTO)

Accreditation of overseas training posts

All training posts must be accredited to comply with the RACGP Standards for General Practice Training Second Edition. Overseas posts require an additional level of compliance.

Accreditation of an overseas extended skills post

An application form must be completed by GP Registrars seeking to undertake mandatory extended skills posts or optional advanced rural skills posts in an overseas setting. All overseas posts must be prospectively approved by the RACGP.

Overseas extended skills post

The aim of the extended skills term is to allow the GP registrar to further his/her knowledge and/or skills in an area of interest or in need of development. An extended skills term is a six months full time position, although part time can be arranged.

Approval of an overseas extended skills post consists of two areas -

  1. Demonstrating that the nominated post has been approved to take registrars, eg. for a hospital or a general practice, that it is accredited by the relevant specialist College or medical training program in that country.
  2. Sending the completed application form with the generic learning plan to the RACGP.

The RTO must approve the registrar's learning plan and this must be on the template or attached to the application form.

To be accepted as part of training, all documentation must be submitted to the RACGP for consideration and approval.

The regional training provider must liaise with the registrar concerning the completion of the form.