General practice research

The RACGP has a commitment to research

The college provides a number of services and supports to members undertaking general practice research including the RACGP Foundation grants and awards, the John Murtagh Library and the National Research and Evaluation Ethics Committee (NREEC).

General practice research is essential to ensuring all Australians can access a high quality, effective and evidence-based primary healthcare system.

It focuses on the prevention and early detection of disease, undifferentiated clinical presentations, chronic conditions, and multi-system co-morbidities which are less frequently encountered and managed in acute healthcare settings.

It also looks at the way services are organised and delivered to ensure they are both clinically sound and cost-effective.

While general practice research is relevant to all GPs in their everyday clinical practice, GPs can also be involved in research in various ways: from recruiting patients for projects undertaken by others, actively engaging in the research process as a co-investigator or leading research projects.

More information

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