Practice-Based Research Networks (PBRNs)

What is a PBRN and what are the benefits of participating?

A PBRN is a network of primary care practitioners that collaborate to identify and explore research questions relevant to their work and the community they serve, with the aim of creating new knowledge that can be translated into practice (Source: Pearce K, et al. How and why to study the practice content of a practice-based research network. Annals of Family Medicine 2004 2(5):425-28). PBRNs produce evidence that not only enhances clinical practice but can also support policy to underpin best practice (Source: Prof Meredith Temple-Smith, RACGP PBRN Webinar, 29 April 2021).

Active Australian PBRN’s include:

ASPREN (Australian Sentinel Practices Research Network)
University of Adelaide

Prof Nigel Stocks

 ASPREN Coordinator:
tel: (08) 8313 3463 or fax 08 8313 3511

Australian National University

Prof Kirsty Douglas or Dr Katelyn  Barnes

GoldNet Research
Bond University and Griffith University

Prof Nick Zwar

Illawarra and Southern Practice Research Network (ISPRN)
University of Wollongong


North Queensland Practice-Based Research Network
James Cook University

Monash Research Network (MonRen)
Monash University


MonReN  is a Practice-Based Research Network (MonReN) providing formal collaborations between clinicians in general practice, consumers, policy makers and academics that are dedicated to working together on relevant research questions to translate new knowledge into practice. 

This peer-to-peer PBRN supports general practice to engage in research and education to improve health outcomes.

Our Vision
Our vision is for MonReN to be nationally and internationally recognised as a leading practice based research network engaging in high quality academic endeavour that improves patient health outcomes and advances the discipline of general practice.

Our Mission
Improving patient outcomes through partnership with practices in our region

MonReN seeks to:
Build capacity in general practice
Facilitate peer connection and networking
Support self-improvement and learning amongst participants
Develop a culture of quality improvement in general practice
Drive innovation and excellence in general practice research and education

Network of Research General Practice (NRGP)
The University of Newcastle
Prof Dimity Pond

New England GP Research Network
University of New England

The New England General Practice Research Network (NEGPRN) is a practice-based research network in the New England and North West region of NSW. The NEGPRN is funded by NSW Regional Health Partners in collaboration with the University of New England and University of Newcastle.

Assoc/ Professor Michelle Guppy
(02) 6773 3579

Catherine Brabrook (Network Coordinator)
(02) 6773 4463

UNSW electronic Practice-Based Research Network
University of New South  Wales

Dr Jitendra Jonnagaddala

University of Queensland GP Research


UQGP Research is a practice-based research network supported by The University of Queensland enabling general practices and university- based researchers to work together building the evidence base to improve primary care for all.

Victorian Primary Care Research and Education Network
University of Melbourne


VicREN, established in 2007, is a practice-based research network (PBRN) managed by the Department of General Practice at The University of Melbourne that enables collaboration between community-based health care practices, community members and academic institutions in advancing the evidence base of primary health care. 

Primary Care Collaborative Cancer Clinical Trials Group (PC4)
University of Melbourne

General Practice Teaching and Research Network 
Western Sydney University 


Western Sydney University Department of General Practice supports a network of GP Supervisors mostly based in the Western Sydney region. We are keen to promote and support research through this network and to hear from GPs who are interested in joining. Our research interests and experience are described at: Western Sydney University.