Practice-Based Research Networks (PBRNs)

What is a PBRN and what are the benefits of participating?

A PBRN is a network of primary care practitioners that collaborate to identify and explore research questions relevant to their work and the community they serve, with the aim of creating new knowledge that can be translated into practice (Source: Pearce K, et al. How and why to study the practice content of a practice-based research network. Annals of Family Medicine 2004 2(5):425-28). PBRNs produce evidence that not only enhances clinical practice but can also support policy to underpin best practice (Source: Prof Meredith Temple-Smith, RACGP PBRN Webinar, 29 April 2021).

Active Australian PBRNs include:


ASPREE (ASPirin in Reducing Events in the Elderly)
Monash University

Prof Mark Nelson

ASPREN (Australian Sentinel Practices Research Network)
University of Adelaide

Prof Nigel Stocks

ASPREN Coordinator:
Monique Chilver

tel: (08) 8313 3463 or fax 08 8313 3511

Flinders General Practice Teaching and Research Network (FGPTRN)
Flinders University

Professor Richard Reed

The Flinders General Practice Teaching and Research Network (FGPTRN) comprises approximately 50 General Practices currently participating as community partners in the teaching and research activities of the Discipline. The FGPTRN network includes practices based in urban, outer-metro and rural communities of South Australia. The network has been critical to the successful implementation of several high-quality general practice research studies. Examples of completed projects include (a) Randomised Controlled Trial of the Flinders Chronic Disease Self-management program in elderly patients funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health; (b) The Flinders Quality Enhanced general practice Services Trial (QUEST) funded by the RACGP to test the impact of several enhanced general practice services on health outcomes and health service usage for people at high risk of poor health outcomes; (c) The Adelaide Primary Health Network project which provided support to 15 general practices to improve chronic condition management utilising the Patient Centred Medical Home (PCMH) model. Current projects include a NHMRC partnership grant to conduct a RCT of non-pharmacological treatments for sleep problems in 20 general practices with 600 patients.

The Discipline welcomes expressions of interest from General Practices and GP researchers that wish to consider becoming involved in our research and / or teaching program.

GoldNet Research
Bond University

Chair: Prof Nick Zwar
Coordinator: Ali Davidson


GoldNet Research was established in 2019 to strengthen primary care research on the Gold Coast. We welcome GPs, practice managers, practice nurses and others working in primary care to join our network. We offer an opportunity to learn about and be involved in research with the support of Bond University, Griffith University and the Gold Coast PHN.

Illawarra and Southern Practice Research Network (ISPRN)
University of Wollongong

Enquiries or Prof Andrew Bonney


Monash Research Network (MonRen)
Monash University

MonREN is a Practice-Based Research Network comprising practices, including those that teach Monash University medical students, that are mainly located in the South-East and Eastern regions of metropolitan Melbourne.


MonRen enquiries

MonREN website

Network of Research General Practice (NRGP)
The University of Newcastle

Prof Dimity Pond

New England GP Research Network (NEGPRN)
University of New England

Assoc/ Professor Michelle Guppy
(02) 6773 3579

The New England General Practice Research Network (NEGPRN) is a practice-based research network in the New England and North West region of NSW. The NEGPRN is funded by NSW Regional Health Partners in collaboration with the University of New England and University of Newcastle.

North Queensland Practice-Based Research Network
James Cook University

Prof Clare Heal

Northern Tasmania General Practice Based Research Network
University of Tasmania

Anne Todd (Facilitator)

Prof Jan Radford (Lead)

The Northern Tasmania General Practice Based Research Network covers practices in the northern half of Tasmania and some rural practices in the south of the state. The network also supports the PARTNER network in recruiting practices to clinical trials, especially if these are conducted using telehealth. Practices who accept medical students on clinical placements are the main members of the network.

Australian National University

PracNet email, Prof Kirsty Douglas or Dr Katelyn  Barnes

This practice-based research network aims to strengthen general practice research in the ACT and surrounding NSW region. We offer an opportunity for general practitioners, practice managers, and practice nurses to learn about and be involved in research with the support of Australian National University's Medical School and HealthANSWERS.  Members can contribute to the health and wellbeing of our community and beyond by engaging with research projects through participation, collaboration, or research leadership. We share opportunities to participate and get involved with general practice relevant research in our email newsletters, to share your research please email us. Find out more about us on our webpage here.

Or keep in touch with us on Twitter @PracNet.

Primary Care Collaborative Cancer Clinical Trials Group (PC4)
PC4 is the Primary Care Collaborative Cancer Clinical Trials Group funded by Cancer Australia to support the development of high-quality cancer research in primary care.

UNSW electronic Practice-Based Research Network (ePBRN)
University of New South  Wales

Dr Jitendra Jonnagaddala

The UNSW electronic Practice Based Research Network (ePBRN) is a network of computerised general practices, District Health Services and other public and private health care providers. Two network neighbourhoods have been established in southwest Sydney with one in Fairfield and the other in Wollondilly.

The UNSW ePBRN has established the tools and processes to collect/extract data from participating practices, aggregate, link and analyse the data to provide timely feedback to improve the quality of the data as well as to facilitate reflection by grassroots clinicians to generate grounded and data-driven clinical and population health questions. It is developing statistical and informatics-based methods, including ontologies and semantic web technologies to automate and sustainably manage “big data” extracted from multiple Health Information Systems to optimize the integrated and biopsychosocial care of patients with multiple chronic diseases, including cancer and mental health

UQGP Research
University of Queensland

Prof Katharine Wallis

UQGP Research is a collaboration between general practices in greater Brisbane and university academics in the General Practice Clinical Unit at the University of Queensland working together to ask and answer questions to improve primary health care and outcomes for patients. We welcome GPs, practice managers, practice nurses and other stakeholders to join our network.

Victorian Primary Care Research and Education Network
University of Melbourne

Vicren Enquiries

VicREN, established in 2007, is a practice-based research network (PBRN) managed by the Department of General Practice at The University of Melbourne that enables collaboration between community-based health care practices, community members and academic institutions in advancing the evidence base of primary health care.

WA General Practice Based Research Network Group (WAGPBRN) 
The University of Notre Dame, The University of Western Australia, Curtin University and the Rural Clinical School

A/Prof Diane Arnold-Reed

The WAGPRN consists of a group of Western Australian Health professionals and academics working in general practice or the field of general practice based research in Western Australia.

The WAGPBRN aims to utilise the strengths and capabilities of individual members to build the capacity and capability of General Practice based research in Western Australia by developing relevant research questions, working together on study design and conduct, and translating new knowledge into practice.

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Western Sydney University Primary Care Research Network (WestReN)
Western Sydney University 

Prof Phyllis Lau
Prof Penny Abbott

Greater Western Sydney and surrounding regional areas are areas of fast growth and rapid development, with distinctive health care needs associated with culturally diverse populations. WestReN is a network of GPs and researchers working together to promote and conduct high-quality research on issues that matter to our community.