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The Clinical Competencies for the CCE


10. Identifying and managing the patient with significant illness

Last revised: 19 Mar 2024

CS 2.2.3 A significantly ill patient is identified and managed appropriately. 

A significantly ill patient is an individual at any life stage who is at risk of actual or acute potentially life-threatening health problems. General practitioners are required to identify significant illness early and manage this in line with accepted guidelines. 


  1. A patient with significant illness is identified 
  2. Has confidence in and takes ownership of own decisions while being aware of own limitations 
Rural health context
  1. Demonstrates leadership in emergency situations
  2. Liaises with emergency services to enhance preparedness to deal with emergencies

For the trainee

You should be able to correctly identify actual or potentially life-threatening health problems and have reflective capacity to understand your own capabilities and limitations. 


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