Registrar remediation

Supporting GPs

RACGP Fellowship is a highly esteemed and respected qualification, and the RACGP itself is an organisation with a significant reputation for quality. Training on the RACGP AGPT program is designed to facilitate the development of critical knowledge, skills and attitudes that are necessary for competent, unsupervised general practice.

Competency across the five domains of general practice is relevant to every general practice consultation. For many different reasons a registrar may struggle to attain these competencies within the usual training program time or with the usual training program education and resources.

Remediation terms

In these instances, registrars are offered a remediation term to focus on these areas of underperformance so that by the end of training they can meet all the requirements of the Fit and Proper Fellow Policy and the Competency profile of the Australian General Practitioner at the point of Fellowship.

An RACGP AGPT remediation term will be recommended by the medical educator team when the progress of a registrar through training is unlikely or unable to be completed within the usual training time or with the usual resources. Examples include:

  • repeated exam failures,
  • prolonged absence from training due to health issues,
  • Some Ahpra notifications and conditions,
  • significant communication gaps, or
  • professionalism gaps.

A remediation term suspends a registrars training time and provides additional funding for targeted interventions to meet the learning goals. The registrar must agree with the remediation plan for it to proceed.

Remediation terms can occur at any time in AGPT training. There is evidence that early identification of the need for remediation results in shorter remediation terms and better learning outcomes.

Most remediation terms can be conducted in the registrar’s current practice. Depending on the relationship with the current practice and the degree of support needed, a move to a different practice may be required.