Policy update notice: PEP Standard Stream policies – 1 September 2020

1 September 2020

Notice of RACGP policy update

This notice is to advise that the RACGP has updated its entry, progression and transfer policies for the Practice Experience Program (PEP) Standard Stream. The new PEP Standard Stream Entry Policy, PEP Standard Stream Progression Policy, and PEP Standard Stream Transfer Policy come into immediate effect, superseding the previous corresponding policies as of today, 1 September 2020.

What has changed?

Entry and Progression

Change Rationale Implications
Completion of the Initial Core Skills Analysis (ICSA) will no longer be an entry requirement for the PEP. Moving forward, participants will instead be required to undertake the ICSA in their first and last term of the PEP.

Upon review of the PEP in its entirety, the RACGP determined that the ICSA is best utilised as a marker for program and learning progression, rather than as a hurdle for entry.

It was also considered that prospective PEP applicants may be deterred from applying for the program due to a perceived cumbersome application process. All applicants (apart from those who may be exempt as per clause 6.6 of the PEP Standard Entry Policy) must sit and pass the PEPEA before entering the program. The RACGP considered that the PEPEA was in itself sufficient for assessing clinical competency and individual learning needs prior to program entry.

The requirement to undertake the ICSA has been removed from the PEP Standard Entry Policy, and added into the PEP Standard Progression Policy (please see clause 6.1).

Participants entering the PEP from the 2020.4 semester (October 2020) onwards will not be required to undertake the ICSA prior to program entry. They will instead be required to undertake the ICSA in their first and last term of the PEP.


Change Rationale Implications

Currently, PEP participants must show the existence of extenuating and unforeseen circumstances in order to be granted a transfer between Training Organisations.

Moving forward, in order to be granted a transfer, PEP participants need only obtain approval from both their Allocated Training Organisation and the Recipient Training Organisation.

The RACGP considered that participants may need to transfer between Training Organisations during their time in the PEP for a variety of personal and/or professional reasons.

There should therefore be increased flexibility within the RACGP’s policy framework to enable participants to transfer between Training Organisations, and the discretion to grant such requests most appropriately rests with the Training Organisations involved. If both Training Organisations approve of a request for transfer in particular circumstances, the participant should not also have to prove the existence of extenuating and unforeseen circumstances to the RACGP.

The process for applying for a transfer between Training Organisations has been simplified significantly, and the applying participant is no longer required to provide particular evidence or prove the existence of extenuating and unforeseen circumstances.

Requests for transfer will be assessed by the Training Organisations on a case-by-case basis, and if the Allocated Training Organisation and the Recipient Training Organisation both approve the request, the participant may start at the Recipient Training Organisation at the start of their next term in the PEP.

If a participant requires a transfer during their current term, they may apply for a special exemption by submitting the Special Exemption Application Form.


When do the changes take place?

The changes to policy take place immediately.

Where can I view the documents? 

The new documents can be accessed here:

All policies can be accessed via the Fellowship Pathways Policy Framework.

What if I have questions?

If you have any enquiries relating to the updated policy, please contact julieanne.pho@racgp.org.au.