Policy update notice: PEP Specialist Stream Comparability Assessment policy – 1 April 2021

1 April 2021

Notice of RACGP policy update

This notice is to advise that the RACGP has updated its policies on the Practice Experience Program (PEP) Specialist Stream Comparability Assessment.

The new PEP - Specialist Stream Comparability Policy comes into immediate effect, superseding the previous version as of today, Thursday 1st April 2021.

What has changed?

The changes do not affect applicants as the RACGP has made these changes to clarify what is already the case. Please see the table below:




The RACGP has increased the time that Comparability Assessments are valid for from six to 12 months.

We have also updated nomenclature throughout the document.

We had already increased the validity of Comparability Assessments in our processes and communication with applicants.

There are no implications as these changes clarify what was already the case.


When do the changes take place?

The changes to policy take place immediately.

Where can I view the documents? 

The new policy can be accessed here.

All policies can be accessed via the Fellowship Pathways Policy Framework.

What if I have questions?

If you have any enquiries relating to the updated policy, please contact educationpolicy@racgp.org.au.