Policy change notice: New Vocational Training Pathway policies – 19 November 2015

19 November 2015

Notice of RACGP policy update

This notice is to advise of the publication of the following new policy and guidance documents related to the Royal Australian College of General Practitioner’s (RACGP’s) Vocational Training Pathway.

Policy document

Related guidance document

Vocational Training Pathway – Requirements for Fellowship Policy

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Advanced Life Support Guidance Document

Paediatric Term Requirements Guidance Document

Applying for Fellowship of the RACGP via the Vocational Training Pathway Guidance Document

Recognition of Prior Learning Policy

Applying for Recognition of Prior Learning Guidance Document

Vocational Training Pathway – Examination Eligibility Policy

Readiness to Undertake an Examination Guidance Document

These documents replace the former:

  • Registrar Handbook
  • Registrar Handbook Companion Document – ALS Requirement
  • Paediatric Term Requirement Policy
  • Recognition of Prior Learning Policy.


What are the policy changes?

Policy document


Vocational Training Pathway – Requirements for Fellowship Policy

Registrars must now complete a Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) course within the 12 months prior to commencing General Practice Term 1 (GPT1).

Registrars must now pass the three examinations within their period of candidature in the Australian General Practice Training program.

New definitions of full time and part time general practice have been included.

Registrars must now apply for Fellowship within three years of successful completion of the three examinations, or within one year of completion of all pathway requirements, whichever is the lesser.*

Registrars can only be enrolled in one RACGP Fellowship pathway at a time. If a Registrar seeks to participate in a different Fellowship pathway, they must resign their candidature in the Vocational Training Pathway and apply for entry into the alternative pathway of their choice.

Recognition of Prior Learning Policy

A new eligibility requirement has be introduced: Registrars who have completed hospital training and or community posts in excess of Postgraduate Year 1 (PGY1) or intern year in accredited Australian or New Zealand hospitals may apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

All applications for RPL must now be approved by the relevant RACGP Censor, not just applications for RPL with time credit.

Vocational Training Pathway – Examination Eligibility Policy

The former policy rule which enabled Registrars to sit the examinations for three years after support from their Regional Training Provider had lapsed has been repealed. If a Registrar discontinues enrolment in one pathway, they would need to fulfil the entry and examination eligibility requirements of another RACGP Fellowship pathway prior to undertaking the examinations.

To be eligible to undertake the examinations Australian General Practice Training Registrars must now have been assessed as having completed 2 years training time (one hospital year plus GPT1 and GPT2) by the date of the AKT.

*This new requirement applies to all RACGP Fellowship pathway candidates and the Fellowship Exams Candidates Handbook and the General Practice Experience (Practice Eligible) Handbook have also been updated accordingly.

Why were the new policy and guidance documents developed?

The new policy and guidance documents have been developed to provide greater clarity for training providers and Registrars within the changing training environment.

Where can I view the policy and guidance documents?

The new documents can be accessed via the Education Services policies and procedures page on the RACGP website.

What if I have questions?

If you have any enquiries relating to this policy update, please contact Rebecca McKinnon, Policy Coordinator on 03 8699 0511, or Rosemary Young, Team Leader, Policy, Governance and Accreditation on 03 8699 0481.


Policy Coordinator

 03 8699 0511