Policy update notice: Fellowship Exam Attempts policy – 5 June 2018

5 June 2018

This notice is to advise that the RACGP has published a new policy, the Fellowship Exam Attempts Policy, which places limits on the number of exam attempts candidates will be permitted.

What has changed?

The RACGP will implement a fixed number of attempts to pass the Fellowship exams. Previously, no cap has been placed on the number of attempts candidates have been permitted. This has been despite RACGP data illustrating that over the last ten cycles, success in RACGP exams diminishes significantly in excess of six attempts at the same exam. In addition, this decision aligns the RACGP with other specialist medical colleges, although the number of attempts afforded by the RACGP remains higher than other colleges.

Permitting unlimited exam attempts has serious implications for patient and community safety. It is with this in mind that the RACGP has determined that from 1 January 2019, candidates will be permitted a maximum of six attempts at each Fellowship exam segment.

Summary of key points

  1. All candidates on a Fellowship pathway will be required to pass all three examinations segments (AKT, KFP and OSCE) within six exam cycles over the course of three years, subject to extensions offered under point 6 (below).
  2. Candidates who do not pass all three exams within this time will not be eligible to attain RACGP Fellowship.
  3. As a transitional measure, past exam failures will not count towards a candidate’s six attempts; all candidates will have six cycles as from January 2019 to complete all three exam segments, regardless of past exam attempts.
  4. Exam pass results will continue to be recognised, in accord with the policy that was in place at the time of that exam pass.
  5. Passing of the AKT and KFP remain prerequisites to the undertaking of the OSCE.
  6. One six-month suspension of exam candidacy will be available upon request without any substantiation required. There will be provision for additional suspension only in the case of extenuating circumstances, for example, in the event of parental leave or ADF deployment.
  7. Candidates will not be permitted to enrol in exams during suspension of exam candidacy.

Where can I view the policy?

The policy can be accessed here.

Please see also the Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.


Policy coordinator