Policy update notice: Academic Misconduct Policy – 27 July 2020

27 July 2020

Notice of RACGP policy update

This notice is to advise that the RACGP has developed a new policy on academic misconduct. The Academic Misconduct Policy will come into immediate effect on 1 September 2020, superseding the current Educational Misconduct Policy. The new policy is to be read in conjunction with the Member Code of Conduct, which has not changed.

Reports that are submitted to the RACGP until and including 31 August 2020 will fall under the current Educational Misconduct Policy. Reports received on 1 September 2020 onwards will fall under the new Academic Misconduct Policy.

What has changed?

In addition to the change in title, the policy has been broadened in scope to encompass more forms of unacceptable or improper behaviours by members seeking entry into, and on a pathway to Fellowship of the RACGP. The policy has also clarified what types of behaviours constitute ‘academic misconduct’ and thus warrant investigation by the RACGP in line with the policy. The non-exhaustive list of examples is contained in clause 3 of the policy. Some of these examples eg. unprofessional conduct including but not limited to bullying or threatening behaviour towards RACGP staff or any other provider of education services on behalf of the RACGP, are not covered by the current Educational Misconduct Policy. The RACGP does not tolerate such behaviours and as such, it was considered necessary that policy be updated and improved.

A new Academic Misconduct Report (AMR) has been developed in support of the new policy, but the process of investigation has not changed. An AMR will either be dismissed, or referred to an Academic Misconduct Committee (AMC) for a full investigation. If the AMC finds that the allegations are substantiated, it may impose sanctions as outlined in clause 7.3 of the policy.

When do the changes take place?

The changes to policy take place from 1 September 2020.

Where can I view the documents? 

The new policy can be accessed here.

All policies can be accessed via the Fellowship Pathways Policy Framework.

What if I have questions?

If you have any enquiries relating to the updated policy, please contact julieanne.pho@racgp.org.au.