RACGP Rural Generalist Fellowship Training Handbook

Training program requirements for the Rural Generalist Fellowship (FRACGP-RG)

Leave and Extension of Program Time

Leave and Extension of Program Time


You’re entitled to a range of types of leave from your training program under the National Terms and Conditions for the Employment of Registrars. Additionally, an extension of program time may be granted in specific circumstances if you aren’t able to fulfill the requirements for Rural Generalist Fellowship within the training time cap. For information on leave and extension of program time, refer to the AGPT registrar training handbook.

For FSP, RVTS and Practising GPs

You may be entitled to various types of leave under your relevant training programs. Should your circumstances change and you are unable to fulfill the requirements for Rural Generalist Fellowship, speak to your program team about leave, extension or withdrawal.

Withdrawal from RG

You will need to discuss your situation with your program team to see if other options are available for completing your RG training. If there are no suitable options to continue your training, withdrawal from the RG Fellowship may be required.

If withdrawing from the RG Fellowship, you will need to work with your training coordinator and ME to amend your training plan, and inform any other relevant stakeholders such as the training post, supervisor and  RGCUs.