RACGP Rural Generalist Fellowship Training Handbook

Training program requirements for the Rural Generalist Fellowship (FRACGP-RG)

Hospital training

Last revised: 04 Aug 2023

Hospital training

If you’re an AGPT registrar, you’ll spend the first year of the program completing rotations in an accredited hospital unless eligible for RPLE. Hospital training gives you the foundation in a range of clinical disciplines relevant to general practice and helps you develop an understanding for the integration of primary and secondary levels of care.

Four rotations are mandatory – medicine, surgery, emergency medicine and paediatrics. Before you begin your general practice terms, you must be able to demonstrate safe practice in these.
For more information about hospital training and eligibility for RPLE refer to the AGPT registrar training handbook .

If you are an RVTS or FSP registrar, you will be completing your training in accordance with your specific program requirements.

If you are a practising GP and are already a Fellow, you will have already completed hospital training and will not need to provide additional evidence.