RACGP Rural Generalist Fellowship Training Handbook

Enrolment Process for the Rural Generalist Fellowship

Recognition of prior learning and experience

Last revised: 04 Aug 2023

Recognition of prior learning and experience

We recognise that you may start general practice or rural generalist training with many years of relevant experience. A process for recognition of prior learning and experience (RPLE) assesses relevant training and/or experience that can potentially meet some or all your education and training requirements for the RG Fellowship. We’ll support you to apply for RPLE which, if approved, can reduce your total program time.

You may apply for RPLE for any or all the training components of the RG Fellowship. The RACGP Rural and/or state censor will assess the evidence presented regarding your knowledge, skills and experience to determine if you are eligible for RPLE for relevant components of your training. Information on RPLE assessment criteria and the evidence requirements are listed on this web page.