Provisions and procedures for nursing breaks during RACGP assessments and examinations

Special Arrangement requests

The RACGP aims to accommodate all exam candidates for exceptional circumstances that appreciably exceed the pressures experienced by other candidates in an assessment setting and this extends to nursing parents.

The RACGP acknowledges the importance of breastfeeding to both parent and infant and therefore makes reasonable accommodations for both candidates and examiners during the venue-based exams – the Applied Knowledge Test (AKT) and Key Feature Problem (KFP).

The RACGP recognises that each breastfeeding relationship is unique. While these provisions aim to address universal needs of nursing parents, they do not preclude applications for additional special arrangements.

All special arrangement requests must be lodged and granted within 20 business days before the exam takes place for the AKT and KFP, or 30 business days before the CCE. Exam candidates must complete and submit a Special Arrangement Application Form within the timeframe listed in the Assessments and Examinations Special Arrangements policy . All exam candidates that expect they will be breastfeeding an infant at the time of their exam are encouraged to submit a Special Arrangement Application form at the time of enrolment or prior to the close of enrolments.

Venue-based exams:

  • An invigilator or RACGP representative will be in attendance to monitor exam timing.
  • The exam may be paused for nursing breaks for up to 30 minutes.
    There will be no extension to the time allocated for completing the exam (exam duration time).
  • A care-provider may be permitted to care for the infant in a designated area within the exam venue if appropriate.

The RACGP will ensure:

  1. the room is equipped with appropriate seating for nursing/expressing
  2. an invigilator or RACGP representative is in attendance to monitor exam timing.

The RACGP advises candidates:

  1. they may be granted permission to breastfeed/express for up to 30 minutes per exam but there will be no extension to the exam duration time;
  2. to arrive at the exam centre 30 minutes prior to exam start time to set up and receive pre-exam instructions.

Candidates who have applied or are considering applying for special arrangements in an exam are welcome to contact the Fellowship Exams team to discuss their specific requirements specific in advance of their exam dates.


 1800 626 901