Assessments and Examinations Candidate Handbook

Part 2: RACGP Fellowship Examinations

3. Withdrawing from an examination

Last revised: 24 Jan 2023

The RACGP understands that a candidate may need to withdraw from an exam after enrolling. If you need to withdraw, you should send an email to

We may withdraw you from an exam if you no longer meet the exam eligibility requirements, for example, if you lose your Australian medical registration. You must disclose all changes to your medical registration to the RACGP, including any restrictions, conditions or other addenda. If you don’t notify us, you may be reported for academic misconduct in line with the Academic Misconduct Policy. If there are changes to your medical registration, you must notify us by emailing

Enrolment fees can’t be transferred to a subsequent exam date, and if you withdraw, you may not receive a refund. Enrolment fees will be refunded according to the following schedule.

Withdrawal fee schedule

Date request for withdrawal is received

Fee refund

At least 20 business days before the scheduled exam date

Enrolment fee, minus $100 withdrawal fee

Less than 20 business days before the scheduled exam date

No refund

If you withdraw within 48 hours of the scheduled exam, you can apply for a special exemption to the refund schedule on the grounds of extenuating and unforeseen circumstances. We consider special exemption applications and any refund on a case-by-case basis. Factors such as cost already incurred by the RACGP will be taken into account when determining any refund; for some applications, a partial refund may be provided. You can apply for a special exemption by sending a completed Special Exemption Application Form to

Extenuating and unforeseen circumstances are considered on a case-by-case basis, but they must be circumstances that were unforeseen, outside your control, and that can be shown to have a direct and significant impact on your ability to sit the scheduled exam, including:

  • ill health (other than minor illnesses) with valid certificates
  • carer’s leave with valid certificates
  • bereavement
  • acute adverse life circumstances
  • hospitalisation
  • Australian Defence Force deployment leave
  • other significant changes to your circumstances.

Please see the section Non-attendance at the exam for the consequences of non-attendance at an exam without a sanctioned withdrawal from that exam.

Candidates require a pass in both the AKT and KFP prior to sitting their clinical exam.

If you enrol in all three Fellowship exams in the same semester but fail the AKT and/or KFP, you’ll be withdrawn from the CCE and refunded the full enrolment fee following the publication of the prerequisite exam results.

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