Assessments and Examinations Candidate Handbook

Last revised: 15 Feb 2023

Important Notice

GPE Pathway Exam Eligibility policy is that from 1 January 2022 (2022.1 semester), all medical practitioners who wish to commence their candidacy and attempt the Fellowship exams must have undertaken an RACGP-approved program and met all exam eligibility requirements of the respective pathway before being eligible to sit the examinations.

However, GPE Pathway candidates affected by the 2020.2 AKT and KFP cancellations* will have a six month extension, and will not be required to enter and complete an RACGP-approved program before continuing to sit the Fellowship exams until 1 July 2022 (2022.2 semester).

For further information, please contact

*affected candidates are those who had a valid enrolment in the 2020.2 AKT and/or KFP as of 9am AEDT Friday 9 October 2020.