RACGP Rural Generalist Fellowship Training Handbook

Training program requirements for the Rural Generalist Fellowship (FRACGP-RG)

Community Project

Last revised: 04 Aug 2023

Community Project

Please note that it is mandatory if you are completing the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health ARST to complete a community project. If you are completing STRGPT it is highly recommended, for other ARSTs should you wish to undertake a community project, please discuss with your training coordinator.

The community project provides a valuable opportunity to get to know your community and improve health outcomes. Completed over 6–12 months during your time in a rural community, it includes a quality improvement activity undertaken within a general practice with the primary purpose to monitor, evaluate or improve the quality of healthcare delivered by the practice.

The project report needs to demonstrate your ability to complete a community needs assessment, identify needs or gaps in the community, and demonstrate skills in planning, carrying out, evaluating and presenting a project.