Pre-Employment Structured Clinical Interview (PESCI) Handbook


Last revised: 18 Mar 2024


International medical graduates (IMGs) seeking limited or provisional registration to work in general practice in Australia may be required by the Medical Board of Australia (MBA) to undertake a pre-employment structured clinical interview (PESCI).  

A PESCI evaluates your suitability for a particular general practice position. It consists of an online structured clinical interview using scenarios. A panel of interviewers assesses whether you have the clinical knowledge, skills and experience to practise safely and effectively in that specific position. It’s not an examination or an assessment of your overall performance. A separate PESCI is required for each position application. 

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) is a specialist general practice medical college in Australia and conducts PESCIs on behalf of the MBA. 

For more information about requirements and eligibility for medical registration, visit the MBA website.