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Assessments and Examinations Candidate Handbook

Part 1: RACGP National entry assessment

Applying for special arrangements

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Last revised: 11 Jul 2023

Applying for special arrangements

The RACGP aims to ensure equity throughout the educational assessment processes.

Special arrangements may be granted to accommodate candidates likely to be disadvantaged in the test by circumstances that are:

  • beyond their control, and
  • objectively likely to have an adverse impact on their performance in the test.

If you wish to apply for special arrangement, you must submit a completed Special arrangements application form via email to selection@racgp.org.au at least 10 business days before the scheduled test date, as per the Assessments Special Arrangements Policy.

Please note that:

  • if an application for special arrangements is granted, it applies only to the test to which the application relates
  • special arrangements can’t be transferred to another test or another semester; a separate application will be required
  • you can’t apply to sit the test on an alternative date.

Circumstances that may require special arrangements

The following circumstances may require special arrangements in the delivery of the CAAKT:

  • permanent and longstanding impairment
  • temporary impairment
  • essential religious observance.

The following circumstances are generally not considered grounds for special arrangements:

  • minor illness or medical condition
  • pre-existing illness or medical condition affecting an immediate family member, partner or close relative
  • stress that is:
    • ordinarily associated with preparation for or performance in the test
    • due to travel arrangements to attend the test
    • due to relationship difficulties
    • due to a minor illness or medical condition affecting the candidate
    • due to excessive work commitments, including specific rostering arrangements leading up to the test
    • due to excessive educational and/or personal commitments
    • ordinarily associated with working in medical practice.

If you’ve applied, or are considering applying, for special arrangements, you’re welcome to contact the RACGP via email at selection@racgp.org.au to discuss your specific requirements prior to the test date.

Supporting documentation

Applications for special arrangements must be accompanied by supporting documentation. Supporting documents must be from appropriate professionals, provided that the person issuing or signing the document is not a family member, close associate or colleague of the candidate, or a candidate in the same test.

Where statutory declarations are required, they must be signed and witnessed by an approved witness as listed on the Attorney-General’s Department website.

The sections below outline the type of supporting documentation required according to your specific circumstances. Please note that you may be required to provide further information or documentation, as determined by the RACGP.

Applications for special arrangements on medical grounds must be accompanied by a medical certificate on the RACGP template from the treating medical practitioner with the following details:

  • consultation date
  • diagnosis
  • severity of the medical condition, including likely duration
  • medical practitioner’s opinion on the impact of the condition on your performance in the CAAKT
  • the medical practitioner’s opinion on the special arrangements that should be accommodated by the RACGP.

Applications for special arrangements on the basis of pregnancy must be accompanied by a medical certificate on the RACGP template from the treating medical practitioner confirming the stage of pregnancy at the date of the CAAKT.

If you expect to be breastfeeding at the time of your test, you’re encouraged to submit a Special arrangements application form with your enrolment or before enrolments close.

Applications for special arrangements for breastfeeding parents must include a statutory declaration detailing either the expected date of delivery or the birth date of the child.

You may be granted permission to breastfeed/express for up to 30 minutes during the test; however, there will be no extension to the time allocated for completing the CAAKT.

The RACGP will ensure a separate room is provided and equipped with appropriate seating for breastfeeding/expressing. A care provider may be permitted to care for the child in a designated area within the test venue if appropriate; however, they must remain outside the breastfeeding/expressing room while you are using it.

If you require time for special prayers or observances, you may be granted breaks during the test. The duration of the break will be determined by the RACGP on a case-by-case basis; however, there will be no extension to the time allocated for completing the CAAKT.

Applications for special arrangements on religious grounds must include a statutory declaration from an authoritative member of your religious community to:

  • advise that a dispensation from religious observance has not been granted
  • specify the specific times at which you must pray or otherwise observe your religion.


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