AGPT registrar training handbook

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Emergency medicine term

        1. Emergency medicine term

Emergency medicine term

Requirements of the post

  • The completion of a full term (8–12 weeks) in emergency medicine, within the last five years, with a satisfactory level of performance confirmed by your supervisor.
  • The emergency department should operate 24 hours per day and ideally have an onsite emergency physician. (We recognise that while some rural hospitals don’t have an onsite emergency physician, they do have remote access to one and an appropriately qualified rural doctor onsite.)
  • Specific experience, including:
    • common and important emergency presentations at all stages of life
    • application of relevant treatment guidelines and protocols to emergency patient care
    • participation in resuscitation and trauma management.

Specific competencies to be covered

  • Identifying and managing sick patients, including patients with acute undifferentiated illness.
  • Performing a range of procedural skills in an emergency setting.
  • Developing an understanding of effective teamwork in emergency situations.
  • The diagnosis and management of a range of common and important emergency presentations.