AGPT practice and supervisor handbook

Overview of the AGPT program

General practice terms

General practice terms

Registrars complete three general practice training terms (18 months in total) as part of their core vocational training requirements. Placements are usually for one or two terms, and overall, should expose the registrar to a range of patient populations and presentations, and at least two different supervisors and two different business models. This prepares the registrar for working across the breadth of Australian general practice.

Registrars with the general training stream may work in metropolitan areas, but also spend 52 weeks in an outer metropolitan, rural or non-capital city location, as determined by regional workforce and training location requirements. 

For those with the rural training stream, all training is done in non-metropolitan areas, and they’re expected to live in the rural community where they work. (Non-metropolitan areas are known as Modified Monash Model [MMM] 2–7 locations.)

In addition to the three general practice terms, an extended skills training term allows the registrar to either extend their skills in community general practice or pursue an area of interest relevant to general practice, for example, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health or skin cancer medicine.