AGPT practice and supervisor handbook

For supervisors

A supervisor's core tasks

A supervisor’s core tasks

A supervisor is pivotal to the workplace-based education of general practice registrars. Fundamental to a supervisor’s work is ensuring the registrar’s patients are being safely managed. Beyond this, a supervisor provides education and support to the registrar. A supervisor’s core tasks include:

  • orientating a registrar to the practice
  • supervising the registrar’s initial consultations
  • developing and monitoring a clinical supervision plan
  • providing ‘as needed’ supervision
  • developing an in-practice teaching plan
  • providing regular uninterrupted teaching sessions
  • giving regular feedback
  • completing required assessments
  • coordinating the supervisory team (primary supervisor)
  • supporting and advocating for the registrar with the training site and the RACGP
  • evaluating the education and supervision provided.


This AGPT Supervision requirements at a glance document outlines the requirements for supervisors of registrars starting in January and February 2023.

It also includes links to important documents, forms and websites related to training your registrar. The document will be updated with new resources and links as they become available.