Vocational Training Pathway – Examination Eligibility


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This policy is currently under review. Until we publish the new policy, this version remains valid and applicable.

1. Purpose

1.1 The purpose of this policy is to describe the examination eligibility requirements for registrars on the Vocational Training Pathway to undertake the RACGP Fellowship examinations.

1.2 Context

The RACGP Fellowship examinations assess a candidate’s competency for unsupervised general practice anywhere in Australia. This policy ensures that registrars on the Vocational Training Pathway have satisfied their educational, training and administrative requirements prior to enrolling in the Fellowship examinations, to better ensure exam readiness and success.

2. Scope

2.1 This policy applies to registrars in the Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) program and the Remote Vocational Training Scheme (RVTS).

2.2 This policy is to be read in conjunction with any applicable policies and guidelines as stipulated by the registrar’s Training Organisation.

2.3 This policy replaces the previous Vocational Training Pathway – Examination Eligibility Policy (Previous Policy) and will come into effect as of 11 October 2021. For the avoidance of doubt, to the extent that there is any inconsistency between the Previous Policy and this policy, the terms of this policy apply.

3. Eligibility requirements for AGPT and RVTS registrars

The following examination eligibility requirements apply to both AGPT and RVTS registrars.

3.1 Registrars must hold current Australian medical registration at all times while on the Vocational Training Pathway and to be eligible for the examinations. Prior to sitting examinations, registrars must promptly disclose to their Training Organisation all details of any:

  1. restrictions, conditions, suspensions and/or undertakings on their medical registration; and
  2. regulatory authority activity, whether in Australia or otherwise, that:
    1. has led or may lead to a restriction, condition, suspension and/ or undertaking on practice, or
    2. has led to an adverse finding for the medical practitioner, or forms part of an ongoing investigation.

A registrar may also disclose changes to their medical registration via email to education@racgp.org.au.

Failure to disclose details regarding medical registration outlined in this subclause will be handled as per the Academic Misconduct Policy.

Candidates who do not hold any current Australian medical registration will not be permitted to enrol or remain enrolled in RACGP Fellowship examinations.

3.2 GPs in Training (GPiT) must hold financial membership of the RACGP from commencement of their program until they have either attained Fellowship or they have exhausted their Fellowship exam candidacy as per the Fellowship Exam Attempts Policy. Please refer to the GP in Training Membership Guidance Document for further information.

  1. To sit and have the examination counted towards Fellowship, the registrar must hold financial membership of RACGP.

3.3 Registrars must have approval to undertake the examination from their Training Organisation, as per the Training Organisation’s internal policies and guidelines. The Training Organisation must provide confirmation to the RACGP that:

  1. The registrar has, or will have, completed the required training time by the date of the examination as detailed in either clause 4 or 5 of this policy, and
  2. The registrar has been assessed as ready to undertake the examination.

3.4 Registrars may sit the Fellowship exams while on a period of leave, with approval from their Training Organisation.

3.5 Registrars undertaking a remediation term are not eligible to sit the Fellowship exams.

3.6 Registrars undertaking a remediation term are still able to provisionally enrol in Fellowship exams scheduled after the term is due to finish. Ability to sit the exam/s is on the condition the Registrar completes their remediation term to a satisfactory standard, as determined by the relevant Training Organisation.

3.7 The RACGP may permit registrars who are enrolled in an examination but leave the AGPT Program or RVTS prior to sitting the examination to undertake the examination provided they meet the eligibility requirements detailed in this policy. All determinations are made at the RACGP’s discretion.

4. Eligibility requirements for RVTS registrars only

4.1 To be eligible to undertake the AKT, KFP and Clinical Examination, the RACGP must assess RVTS registrars as having completed 12 months active training time in the RVTS by the date of the AKT.

5. Eligibility requirements for AGPT registrars only

5.1 To be eligible to undertake the AKT, KFP and Clinical Examination, the RACGP must assess AGPT registrars as having completed 2 years full time equivalent active training time, including all of GPT1 and GPT2, by the date of the AKT.

5.2 Where the vocational end of term date falls up to 28 calendar days beyond the date of the AKT, the RACGP will grant the RTO an exemption to allow affected registrars to sit the examination.

6. Change in eligibility status

6.1 If at any time a registrar becomes ineligible for an examination after enrolment in that examination (no longer eligible under clause 3, 4 or 5) then they must inform their Training Organisation and the RACGP and withdraw from the examination. Failure to do this will be handled as per the Academic Misconduct Policy, including (in RACGP’s sole discretion) examination results not being counted towards Fellowship.

7. Amendment of this Policy

The CIC may, without the consent of the Board, make Minor, Moderate and Extenuating Amendments to this policy at any time.

If the CIC makes Amendments, they must advise the Board of those amendments as soon as practicable.

The Board may make amendments to this policy at any time.

8. Responsibilities


Responsible for approval of policy and Major Amendments.


Responsible for approval of Minor, Moderate or Extenuating Amendments to the policy by delegation of the RACGP Board.


Responsible for:

  1. Maintaining current Australian medical registration,
  2. notifying the RACGP of any changes in their medical registration,
  3. Maintaining financial membership of the RACGP, and
  4. Notifying their Training Organisation and the RACGP of changes in their exam eligibility status and withdrawing from the examinations as required.

Training Organisations

Determine registrars’ readiness and give approval for registrars to sit the Fellowship examinations.


Accept enrolments from eligible examination candidates.

9. Glossary

Active training time

Any post completed by a Registrar while in the Vocational Training Pathway including hospital posts, Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) General Practice Term (GPT) 1, GPT2, GPT3, and extended skills. It does not include electives or Advanced Rural Skills Training.


A medical practitioner who is enrolled in the Vocational Training Pathway.


The Applied Knowledge Test (AKT), Key Feature Problems (KFP) and Clinical Examination, which depending on the time of sitting, is the Objective Structured Clinical Exam (OSCE), Remote Clinical Exam (RCE) or Clinical Competency Exam (CCE).

10. Related Documents, Legislation and Policies


Academic Misconduct Policy

11. Policy Review and Currency

This policy will be reviewed every three years from the last approval date, or when there is a significant change in the intent of the policy. This policy remains valid and applicable notwithstanding if it is overdue for review.

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  • Clarified all registrars must declare any restrictions, conditions, suspensions and/or undertaking on their medical registration prior to sitting exams in clause 3.1
  • Clarified registrars undertaking a remediation term are not eligible to sit Fellowship exams in clause 3.6.
  • Nomenclature review

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