RACGP Selection for Entry into the Australian General Practice Training Program

1. RACGP Selection for Entry into the Australian General Practice Training Program

1.1 Policy number: CO-E-0032.0

1.2 Category: Education

1.3 Approval date: June 2017

1.4 Revision due date: June 2020

1.5 Unit responsible: Education Services

2. Policy declaration

The RACGP is responsible for the selection of medical practitioners seeking to enter the Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) Program on the RACGP Vocational Training Pathway commencing with 2018 entry.

3. Background

3.1 Objective

The objective of this policy is to:

3.1.1 State the RACGP’s principles with regards to the selection process; and

3.1.2 Inform prospective applicants for the AGPT Program of the requirements for selection into the Program

3.2 Scope

This policy applies to all medical practitioners applying for entry onto the AGPT Program as part of the Vocational Training Pathway.

4. Definitions

  1. Applicant means a medical practitioner who is applying for entry into the Australian General Practice Training Program (AGPT) Program
  2. Candidate means a medical practitioner who has applied for selection into the RACGP Vocational Training Pathway and has progressed to participation in the RACGP selection process
  3. RACGP Vocational Training Pathway is a three-year vocational training program for medical practitioners wishing to pursue a career as a specialist general practitioner, for which the Australian General Practice Training Program (AGPT) is an entry point.

5. General principles

5.1 The RACGP AGPT selection process serves to identify candidate capability to achieve Fellowship by referencing entry-level competence comparable to that which must be demonstrated for Fellowship.

5.2 The RACGP is committed to:

5.2.1 Transparency, rigorousness and fairness

5.2.2 Ensuring a robust, valid and consistent selection process

5.2.3 The application of selection tools which lessen reliance on cognitive variables, with increased emphasis upon professionalism, communication, population health and management; elements that feature significantly in RACGP curriculum, standards and the competency profile

5.2.4 Merit-based assessment

5.2.5 The consistent application of the selection principles

5.2.6 The elimination of discrimination and bias.

6. Selection process

6.1 Determination of program eligibility for the AGPT Program is undertaken by the Department of Health (DOH). For information regarding eligibility, refer to the AGPT website.

6.2 Program eligible candidates will be required to enrol in and undertake the RACGP Candidate Assessment and Applied Knowledge Test (CAAKT). This assessment is comprised of knowledge test questions and situational judgment test questions.

6.3 Candidates who successfully achieve the required standard in the CAAKT may be invited to progress to interview with one of their preferred Regional Training Organisations (RTO).

6.4 The CAAKT outcome will only be valid for the selection intake applied for, and cannot be deferred to allow entry into a subsequent intake

6.5 RTOs will interview and determine which candidates will be offered training placements.

6.6 An offer of a training placement is made to the successful candidate. If the offer is accepted, the candidate must complete the RACGP’s membership requirements as detailed in the Registrar Membership Policy.

6.7 Upon completion of the RACGP and RTO requirements for entry, the candidate is accepted into the AGPT Program.

7. Withdrawal from the CAAKT

If a candidate wishes to withdraw from the CAAKT, they must contact the RACGP at least 48 hours before the CAAKT date. Failure to notify the RACGP within the prescribed time, or non-attendance at the CAAKT, may result in the forfeiture of the CAAKT fee.

8. Candidate review

Candidates who contend that an incorrect decision has been made in relation to the CAAKT or the RTO placement offer may request review of that decision. Further details are available in the Selection Review Policy.

9. Related documents

Department of Health policies related to the AGPT Program.

Relevant RACGP policies.

10. Administrative procedures

10.1 Access to published policy

This policy will be available via the RACGP website.

10.2 Promulgation of published policy

Relevant staff members, internal and external stakeholders will be provided with communications explaining the function and role of this policy.

10.3 Review of this policy

This policy will have a review cycle of three years.


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