Specialist Pathway - Requirements for Fellowship


Requirements for Fellowship for candidates in category two and category three of the Specialist Pathway

The requirements for the Fellowship are detailed in the:

Specialist Pathway Category Two - Requirements for Fellowship Policy.

Specialist Pathway Category Three - Requirements for Fellowship Policy.

The Specialist Recognition Program

The Specialist Recognition Program (SRP) is a new pathway to Fellowship for international medical graduates. This Program superseded the Specialist Pathway Program (SPP) on 3 September 2018. If you applied for the SPP on or before the 31 August 2018, the relevant SPP policies are available below.

The requirements for Fellowship of the SRP are detailed in the:

Specialist Recognition Program Substantially Comparable Post-Fellowship Requirements Policy.
Specialist Recognition Program Partially Comparable Requirements for Fellowship Policy.

Participants in the SRP are entitled to leave and extension as described in the Specialist Recognition Program Leave and Extensions Policy.