Assessments and Examinations Candidate Handbook

Part 2: RACGP Fellowship Examinations

5. Incidents

Last revised: 12 Jan 2022

While every effort is made to ensure all examinations run smoothly and without incident, circumstances beyond the control of the RACGP may occasionally arise.

If a candidate has encountered an incident during the examination that they believe has had a significant effect upon their performance in the examination, they can complete an incident report at the exam venue.

Alternatively, for the AKT and KFP, candidates may submit the incident report form via email to within two national office business days of the examination. Clinical exam candidates should complete the online available on the CCE webpage within two national office business days. Notwithstanding, the RACGP recommends that candidates submit an incident report at the exam venue so that proper investigations can take place before the conclusion of the examination. Any incident reports received after the two business day deadline will not be considered.

Incident reports must be completed in full and with all relevant details included.

Candidates may encounter events during the examinations that are not considered incidents caused by RACGP procedural or administrative error, and candidates will not be compensated for the occurrence of these events. Examples include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Exam staff, examiner, standardised patient, or other exam candidate sneezed or coughed during the examination
  • Exam staff, examiner or standardised patient accent
  • Known disturbance that caused pause during the examination
  • Not reading case instructions/details properly and missing vital information
  • Technical issues (eg computer glitches) that occurred before the commencement of the examination
  • Hospital announcements (MET calls etc) overheard
  • Staff member knocked or entered the room
  • Recognising an examiner who is known to the candidate
    Some examiners may be known/familiar to candidates. Examiners declare conflicts of interest with any candidates they consider themselves to have a conflict of interest with; however, not all levels of conflict warrant a replacement examiner. Candidates should proceed with the case focusing on the specifics of that case and the simulated patient in front of them and not dwell on the examiner in the room.
  • Names of the simulated patients on the case instructions
    You should apply the case instructions as relevant to the gender of the simulated patient in the case.

All incidents are investigated and the impact on a candidate’s performance is considered by the Council of Censors (or delegate) prior to the release of results. If it is determined that an incident occurred due to RACGP procedural or administrative error and the candidate does not pass the exam, the candidate may be compensated in the form of a reduce enrolment fee for the next exam (same segment).

Compensation cannot extend to the re-marking of an examination or an adjustment to results.

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