Assessments and Examinations Candidate Handbook

Part 2: RACGP Fellowship Examinations

1. Enrolling in the examinations

Last revised: 12 Jan 2022

Enrolment for the RACGP Fellowship Examinations can be completed at the RACGP website. Details of examination dates, enrolment dates, venues and fees are also available at the RACGP website.

Examination enrolment fees are payable by credit card or Paypal, and payment is processed immediately at the time of enrolment. Upon successful completion of enrolment, the candidate will receive a confirmation email with detailed information about that enrolment.

If a candidate’s credit card is not charged/debited and the confirmation email is not received, candidates should not assume they are enrolled and should contact the RACGP immediately to confirm the status of their enrolment. Only candidates with a valid enrolment will be permitted to sit an examination.

Candidates are encouraged to enrol into an examination as soon as possible after enrolments open, and to not wait until the end of the enrolment period. Any candidate experiencing financial hardship may make a request for an alternative payment arrangement by submitting an Application for Special Consideration for Financial Hardship via email to

When candidates submit their enrolment, they are asked to select their home or practice as their preferred address. Candidates are allocated to their closest available exam venue based on venue capacity and their preferred address.

If the closest exam venue is oversubscribed, candidates will be allocated to the next closest centre

If a candidate’s address changes after enrolling, they must notify the RACGP as soon as possible.

Candidates are advised not to make any travel arrangements until their venue location has been confirmed.

  • For the AKT and KFP: candidates will receive confirmation of their specific venue location approximately four weeks prior to the date of the exam in which they are enrolled.
  • For the CCE: candidates will receive confirmation of the city their exam will be held in approximately four weeks prior to the exam.

All candidates are advised to carefully plan their travel to and from exam venues and consider the impact of fatigue and stress on safe travel. If appropriate to the situation, it is recommended that candidates consider overnight accommodation close to their allocated venue.

Candidates who cannot present for the AKT and/or KFP on the scheduled examination dates for religious reasons may submit a Special Arrangements Application Form via email to to undertake the examination/s on an alternative day. For further guidance, please refer to the RACGP Assessments and Examinations Special Arrangements Policy and the RACGP Assessments and Examinations Special Arrangements Guidance Document.

Candidates approved to undertake their examination/s on an alternative day are required to complete a Statutory Declaration stating they will not divulge or discuss the content of the examination with any other party before all other candidates have completed the examination. This declaration must be signed and witnessed as per List of Authorised Witnesses advice from the Department of the Attorney-General. Any breach of this declaration will be investigated in line with the Academic Misconduct Policy.

Candidates approved to undertake their examination/s on an alternative day may be required to pay fees, in addition to the standard enrolment fee, to cover the costs associated with delivering the examination in the customised conditions.

The RACGP will collect and may distribute your personal information as deemed reasonably necessary. It may be necessary to disclose personal information to bodies such as the Commonwealth Department of Health, the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA), Medicare, Training Organisations or other bodies.

Further information concerning the collection or distribution of personal information is available via the RACGP Privacy Policy.

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