Assessments and Examinations Candidate Handbook

Part 2: RACGP Fellowship Examinations

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Last revised: 07 Apr 2022

The RACGP Fellowship Examinations consist of three exams:

  1. Applied Knowledge Test (AKT) – a multiple choice format test
  2. Key Feature Problem (KFP) – a combination multiple choice and short answer format test
  3. Clinical Competency Exam (CCE) – a real-time assessment of the candidate by multiple examiners across multiple clinical scenarios.

The RACGP Fellowship Examinations assess a candidate’s competency for unsupervised general practice anywhere in Australia. Each exam segment has a unique and targeted approach to assessing a candidate’s knowledge and ability.

For further information on each examination, including format, preparation, development, standard setting and results, refer to the RACGP Examinations Guide.