Travel and hospitality

1. RACGP travel and hospitality policy

1.1 Policy number: CO-O-038.2

1.2 Category: Organisational

1.3 Approval date: February 2019

1.4 Revision date: February 2022

1.5 Unit responsible Finance department

2. Policy declaration

The RACGP Travel and Hospitality Policy defines the policies, procedures and responsibilities in managing and reporting business travel-related costs and reimbursable expenses. This policy applies to all travellers, providers, accepters of hospitality and includes all Directors, members, staff and others travelling or acting on behalf of the RACGP.

This policy is approved by Directors and authorised by the CEO.

3. Background

Travel and associated costs are necessary aspects of RACGP business. It is important that travellers have clear guidelines on allowable parameters and practices when travelling.

3.1 Definitions

  • Traveller: A person duly authorised to travel on behalf of the RACGP
  • Travel Arranger: An employee who is authorised to organise travel on behalf of the RACGP.

3.2 Related Policies, Documents, Legislation & Strategic Priorities

  • Travelling Expenses schedule
  • International Travel Expenses schedule
  • RACGP Corporate Credit Cards guidelines
  • RACGP Code of Conduct Policy
  • RACGP Disciplinary Action for unacceptable behaviour/serious misconduct Policy
  • RACGP Chart of Accounts
  • RACGP Fraud Policy
  • RACGP Board Delegations of Authority

4. Body of Policy

4.1 Approval of travel

All travel arrangements and subsequent variation must be approved in accordance with the RACGP Delegations.

Travel must be approved by the cost centre manager.

For international travel, please refer to 4.7.



Delegated Approver (on behalf of Board of Directors)

All Directors and CEO (excl Chair of FARM Committee)

Chair of Finance, Audit & Risk Management Committee

Chair of Finance, Audit & Risk Management Committee

Chair of Board of Directors

Members, Staff and all other parties travelling on RACGP related business

Cost Centre Managers to whom the staff member reports. Cost Centre Managers’ travel is approved by their Manager

4.2 Policy Compliance

The Corporate Services Administrator is responsible for the administration, monitoring of compliance and reporting of non-compliance of this Policy.

4.3 Travel Arrangers

Only authorised Travel Arrangers may make travel arrangements for Travellers. Department Managers must advise the Corporate Services Administrator of new and changes to Travel Arrangers.

4.4 Stored Credits

Travel Arrangers must utilise stored credits as a priority.

4.5 RACGP Corporate Travel Provider

All travel arrangements must be made with the RACGP Corporate Travel Provider via their online portal. Any travel outside this arrangement must be approved by the CEO.

4.6 Booking rules and cancellations

  • In all cases the best relevant fare must be booked
  • Premium charge for flexible fares is not to be selected, except in circumstances where the timelines of the College business are unpredictable that some degree of fare flexibility is reasonable
  • Flights cannot be arranged outside of this Policy for the purpose of earning frequent flyer points with a particular airline
  • Airline travel should be arranged at least 5 – 10 days business days in advance
  • All travel less than 7 hours will be booked in Economy Class
  • If a traveller changes travel arrangement without adequate notice (minimum 24 hours) or acceptable reasons, the traveller may need to reimburse the College for the cost of the change or the cost of the ticket.

4.7 International travel

International travel with a duration of 7 hours or more may be booked in either Premium Economy or Business Class.


Delegated Approver (on behalf of the RACGP Board)

All Directors and CEO (excl Chair of FARM Committee)

Chair of Finance, Audit & Risk Management Committee

Chair of Finance, Audit & Risk Management Committee

Chair of Board of Directors

Members, Staff and all other parties travelling on RACGP related business


Travel budget approval

International travel budgets are approved as a part of the RACGP annual operational planning. For any items outside of the standard process or material variations to the operating plan, travellers will submit an international travel budget schedule to approvers including group travel summary, purpose and ojectives (see International Travel Expense Form).

Post travel report

Travellers will update the international travel expense schedule with actual spend and provide the travel outcomes report back to Approvers (see International Travel Expense Form). Total travel is not to exceed 15% over the original authorised amount without notification and authorisation by Approver to increase the budget.

4.8 Membership of airline lounge and airline loyalty reward programs

Joining fees for the membership of airline lounge and airline loyalty reward programs are the responsibility of individual travellers and any costs associated with this will not be covered by the RACGP. Travellers may take advantage of the RACGP's access to corporate membership rates.

Frequent Flyer points accumulated through air travel or accommodation for the purposes of RACGP business may be retained by the individual Traveller. Flights cannot be arranged outside of this policy or the preffered travel parner for the purpose of earning frequent flyer points with a particular airline carrier.

4.9 Personal motor vehicle use

Travellers may prefer to use their private vehicle for some travel (e.g. intra-State) only if this method proves to be more cost effective.

Travellers using their private vehicle for RACGP travel must have a valid driver’s licence, hold a current registration and comprehensive insurance cover, and the vehicle they are using must be roadworthy.

Mileage and parking costs incurred can be claimed for RACGP related travel.

Read the guidelines for personal car travel.

4.10 Rental Motor Vehicles

  • All rented motor vehicle arrangements must be made via the RACGP Corporate Travel Provider
  • In all cases, the best rates must be booked
  • All rental agreements shall include full insurance cover
  • The insurance excess shall be reduced to the minimum offered
  • Fuel and parking cost incurred may be claimed for RACGP related business.

4.11 Public Transport Options - Car service/Bus/Tram/Train/Walking

The most direct route possible must always be utilised.

Car service

An RACGP Corporate credit card is the preferred method of payment for RACGP business travel. Payments made by personal credit card, or cash for RACGP business travel, can be reimbursed. Cab charge vouchers are available for RACGP business related travel. A cab charge request form must be completed and authorised by the cost centre Manager.


Travellers who are able to travel to work-related locations on public transport or by walking are encouraged to do so. Tickets for public transportation used for work related business can be reimbursed if accompanied by a receipt/ tax invoice.

4.12 Accommodation

All accommodation arrangements must be made via the RACGP Corporate Travel Provider. Accommodation must be arranged as close to the working location as possible to minimise any additional travel costs. Only accommodation, meals and car-parking are allowed to be charged back to the RACGP. Incidentals such as cigarettes, movies, mini-bar products or magazines must be paid for by the traveller upon checkout.

4.13 Meals

The College will only reimburse or incur meals costs to the maximum rate provided on the Travelling Expenses Schedule. All tax invoices must be attached to a claim form (Merchant receipts are not accepted as they do not provide required detail of purchase).

4.14 Hospitality (Entertainment)

In limited circumstances, it will be in the best interests of the RACGP that hospitality expenses be incurred in respect of third parties, such as official representatives of stakeholder organisations, potential business parties and sponsors.

All hospitality will be restricted to the provision of meals and drinks as part of a social element to a business meeting.

Only Managers with specific hospitality budgets may incur and/or approve such expenses. Hospitality is to facilitate the conduct of public business with persons who are providing either advice or service to the RACGP or who share mutual policy or business interests.

Hospitality provided by the RACGP must be able to withstand scrutiny on the grounds that the expenditure:

  • promotes or supports a strategic policy or business objective of the RACGP;
  • facilitates the conduct of RACGP business; and
  • is reasonable and appropriate.

Hospitality accepted by RACGP must be able to withstand scrutiny on the grounds that:

  • it facilitates the conduct of RACGP business; and
  • there is no conflict of interest on the part of the RACGP and its representative or on the part of the organisation providing the hospitality.

4.15 Other reimbursable expenses on presentation of receipts

The traveller must submit expense claims within 4 weeks from date of return from travel, supported by original tax invoices. Personal costs incurred, including fines will be the responsibility of the Traveller. Please refer to the Travelling Expense Schedule for details. Exceptions to the policy are at the discretion of the CEO.

4.16 Travel Insurance

The RACGP provides insurance for all its approved business Travellers.

4.17 Health and Safety

Travellers must follow RACGP policies and procedures to ensure their health and safety and that of co-workers, while travelling on RACGP related business. This also extends to out-of hours activities during business travel.

Any incident that occurs must be reported immediately to the applicable Manager. The Manager will discuss necessary actions with the RACGP Human Resources Department. In the absence or unavailability of the Manager, the traveller must contact the RACGP Human Resources department direct.

Travellers must report any pre-existing health issues that may affect their travel, to their Manager before any travel is undertaken.

4.18 Personal and Family Travel Arrangements

Any personal travel arrangements that coincide with a business trip must be arranged separately, with the cost of those arrangements being the responsibility of the traveller.

4.19 Exceptions to this policy

Exceptions to this policy require the approval of the CEO prior to the travel being booked or undertaken.

5. Administrative procedures

5.1 Access to published policy

This policy will be communicated to Staff via email and posted on the RACGP Intranet and RACGP website for reference of all parties.

5.2 Review of this policy

This policy will have a review cycle of 3 years.