Co-option process for faculty councils

1. Co-option process for faculty councils policy

1.1 Number: CO-O-064.0

1.2 Category: Organisational

1.3 Approval date: October 2014

1.4 Revision due date: October 2017

1.5 Unit responsible Office of the President and CEO

2.Policy declaration

This Procedure outlines the rules and procedures for the co-option of Faculty members to Faculty Councils.

This Procedure is endorsed by the RACGP Board.


The Constitution permits the co-option of Faculty members to the relevant Faculty Council, up to one third of total Faculty Council members. The purpose of co-opted Faculty Council members is to fill a representation or skills vacancy on the Faculty Council. Where practical, Faculty Councils must co-opt certain prescribed representatives.

In October 2014, the RACGP Board resolved to adopt this Procedure to guide the co-option process.

3.1 Scope

This Procedure applies to each instance of co-option of Faculty members onto Faculty Councils.

This Procedure is subservient to the extent of any conflict with the Constitution, however prevails to the extent of any conflict with the Faculty Regulations.

3.2 Objective

This Procedure aims to ensure fairness, transparency and consistency in the co-option of Faculty members by Faculty Councils.


In this Procedure:

  1. Constitution, RACGP Board, Faculty, Faculty Council and member have the meanings given to them in Part 11.9 of the Constitution.
  2. Expression of Interest Form refers to the prescribed document bearing the same or a substantially similar name.
  3. Faculty Regulations means the Faculty Regulations (CO-O-032.6) enacted by the RACGP Board in February 2014 pursuant to Part 9 of the Constitution.
  4. Procedure means this procedure document.

5.Procedure for co-option of faculty council members

If it is deemed suitable by the Faculty Council to co-opt additional Faculty members and there are positions available, the following procedure will apply:

  1. Individuals may be approached following a resolution of the Faculty Council, and requested to submit an Expression of Interest Form.
  2. The Faculty Council must discuss any received Expression of Interest Forms against the potential for co-option, by assessing the proposed individual’s expertise, relevant experience and potential contribution against the needs and availabilities of the Faculty Council.
  3. In the event there are more suitable individuals for a co-opted Faculty Council position than available co-opted Faculty Council positions, a vote must be taken by the Faculty Council members to determine the preferred candidate(s).
  4. Following this determination, the Council must vote on the co-opted position.
  5. For an individual to be co-opted to the Faculty Council, the majority of those Faculty Council members entitled to vote must vote in favour of the appointment.

6.Review of this procedure

This Procedure will have a review cycle of three years.