Selection Review

1.0 Introduction

This guidance document provides further information on the review procedures related to the RACGP’s Selection Review Policy. 

2.0 Definitions

Candidate A medical practitioner who has applied for selection into the RACGP Vocational Training Pathway and has progressed to participation in the RACGP selection process

3.0 Guidance

3.1 Process for review of a decision

3.1.1 Candidates wishing to review a decision must:

3.1.2 Applications must be submitted in the following timeframes:

Type of application

Submission deadline

Application for review

Within 2 national office business days of being notified of the decision.

3.1.3 The following fees apply when submitting an application:

Type of application


Application for review

AUD 500.00

Application fees are a contribution to the cost of convening a review. The RACGP contributes to the cost of the reviews mechanism as part of its commitment to providing high quality, fair and transparent Education Services.

In cases where the original decision is amended or overturned the candidate will be reimbursed the full application fee. 

3.1.4 An RACGP staff member will confirm receipt of the application and advise whether the grounds for review have been accepted. If an application is deemed not to have sufficient grounds the candidate will be refunded the fee minus an AUD 100.00 administration fee.   

3.1.5 The candidate may withdraw their application for review at any time before the scheduled date by emailing The candidate will be refunded the fee minus an AUD 100.00 administration fee and any irrecoverable or otherwise committed costs. 

4.0 References

RACGP Selection for Entry into the AGPT Program Policy

Selection Review Policy


 1800 626 901

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