General Practice Experience Pathway - Learning Needs Assessment

Education Registrars Fellowship Policy framework Guidance documents General Practice Experience Pathway - Learning Needs Assessment

1. Introduction

Candidates on the General Practice Experience (GPE) Pathway are required to undertake a Learning Needs Assessment to determine their targeted learning areas.

2. Definitions

Candidate means a medical practitioner enrolled in the General Practice Experience Pathway.

Core modules Modules all candidates must complete unless Advanced Standing is granted. Learning Agreement a legal agreement between the candidate and the RACGP concerning entry, progression and completion of the GPE pathway.

Targeted learning the six priority learning themes as determined by the learning needs assessment and agreed between the Candidate and Medical Educator.

3. Guidance

3.1 Learning Needs Assessment

3.1.1 Candidates are required to complete the learning needs assessment which includes two sections, a self-assessment and multiple choice questions. The purpose of the learning needs assessment is to identify candidate’s current knowledge and skills in order to identify targeted learning areas for focused learning.

3.1.2 Candidates can access the GPE Pathway Self-Assessment. Completion of the self-assessment will take approximately 60-90 minutes. Candidates can save and continue the self-assessment later using the button at the top of each screen. Candidates must complete all sections of the self-assessment:

  1. Self-reflection
  2. Practice specific learning needs assessment
  3. Self-assessment - domains of general practice, conditions and procedural skills. Selfassessment definitions
    1. Major revision required – Candidate requires some education and/or orientation to meet the expectations and/or requirements of the competency
    2. Requires minor revision – Candidate has an identified weakness in areas of knowledge, skills, attitudes, or clinical judgment
    3. Competent – Candidate meets the expectations and/or requirements of the competency
    4. Expert – Candidate has additional skills and/or qualifications
  4. Consultation rating.

3.1.3 Candidates are required to answer 150 multiple choice questions covering a variety of general practice topics. Candidates can access the multiple choice questions via this page. Candidates will have one attempt and four hours to complete all questions. Unanswered questions will be considered as incorrect and this will be reflected in the targeted learning areas.

3.2 Learning plan

3.2.1 Following the completion of the learning needs assessment (see 3.1) the medical educator will review to determine the candidate’s six targeted learning areas.

3.2.2 The pathway administrator will schedule a teleconference between the candidate and medical educator to discuss the targeted learning areas and agree on suitable activities to address each targeted learning area.

3.2.3 The activities agreed in 3.2.2 will form the learning plan and will be added as an annexure to the learning agreement.

3.3 Timelines

3.3.1 Candidates are expected to complete all components of the learning needs assessment within two months of pathway entry.

3.3.2 The pathway administrator will contact the candidate within four weeks of completion of the learning needs assessment to schedule the medical educator teleconference

4. References

General Practice Experience Pathway – Requirements of Fellowship Policy

General Practice Experience Pathway – Examination Eligibility Policy

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