A guide to applying for Fellowship Pathways Appeals

1. Introduction

This guidance document provides further information on the appeals procedures related to the RACGP’s Fellowship Pathways Appeals Policy.

2. Definitions

  1. Appeals Committee means the committee convened under clause 7.1 of this policy. Interested parties means an individual or entity that is directly affected by a decision outlined in clause 7.1 of the Fellowship Pathways Appeals Policy
  2. RACGP Examinations refers to the following assessments:
    • Applied Knowledge Test (AKT)
    • Key Feature Problems (KFP)
    • Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)
    • Recorded Consultations (RC).
  3. Member has the meaning given in the RACGP Constitution, and includes Affiliates, Associates, Registrar Associates, Members and Fellows.

3. Guidance

3.1 Process for reconsideration or appeal of a decision

3.1.1 Applicants wishing to reconsider or appeal a decision must:

3.1.2 Applications must be submitted in the following timeframes:

Type of application

Submission deadline

Application for reconsideration

Within 10 national office business days of being notified of the decision.

Application for appeal

Within 20 national office business days of being notified of the outcome of a reconsideration.

3.1.3 The following fees apply when submitting an application:

Type of application


Application for reconsideration

AUD 1000.00

Application for appeal

AUD 4000.00

Application fees are a contribution to the cost of convening a reconsideration or appeal. The RACGP contributes to the cost of the appeals mechanism as part of its commitment to providing high quality, fair and transparent Education Services.

In cases where the original decision is amended or overturned the applicant will be reimbursed the full application fee.

3.1.4 An RACGP staff member will confirm receipt of the application and advise whether the grounds for appeal have been accepted. If an application is deemed not to have sufficient grounds the applicant will be refunded the fee minus an AUD 100.00 administration fee.

3.1.5 If an application for appeal is accepted, the applicant will be advised at least 15 business days before the Appeals Committee meeting:

  • the date, time and place of the Appeals Committee
  • the right of the applicant to address the Appeals Committee based on the submissions
  • the right to have a support person who may not speak accompany them during their appearance
  • the requirement to seek prior written permission from the Appeals Committee if the applicant wishes to have more than one person accompany them.

3.1.6 The applicant may withdraw their application for reconsideration or appeal at any time before the scheduled date by education.appeals@racgp.org.au. The applicant will be refunded the fee minus an AUD 100.00 administration fee and any irrecoverable or otherwise committed costs (for example, Appeal Committee member travel or accommodation).

3.1.7 When the decision being reconsidered or appealed relates to an RACGP Examination result, applicants will be unable to receive feedback on their performance until the appeal process is complete.

4. References

Fellowship Pathways Appeals Policy


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