Applying for Leave and Extensions

Important information

This guidance applies ONLY to candidates undertaking the limited entry trial GPE pathway which opened in 2016. Entry to this pathway has now closed. Candidates on the General Practice Experience (Practice Eligible) pathway should consult the General Practice Experience (Practice Eligible) Handbook for their requirements.

1. Introduction

Candidates must notify RACGP of changes in circumstance to be granted leave or extensions from the General Practice Experience (GPE) Program.

2. Definitions

Candidate means a medical practitioner enrolled in the General Practice Experience Pathway.

3. Guidance

3.1 Application process

3.1.1 Applicants must complete all required sections of the GPE Change in Circumstance application form and provide supporting evidence as detailed in 3.2 of this document. Change in circumstance includes:

  1. Change of role - Change of Practice
  2. Change of role - Part time/Full time
  3. Leave application - Extenuating and Unforeseen Circumstance
  4. Leave application – Legislative
  5. Change to Australian medical registration
  6. Pathway extension

3.1.2 The RACGP will assess your application to determine whether you have met the leave and/or extension requirements and confirm the decision in writing.

3.2 Evidence

3.2.1 Candidates must provide evidence of current Australian medical registration and disclose the existence and details of any conditions, notations or undertakings.

3.2.2 Applicants must provide a letter of support from their current practice which must:

  1. be dated and signed by the Practice Principal, Senior Medical Director, CEO, Director, or Practice Manager
  2. be on practice letterhead
  3. state the commencement date and duration of employment including the end date of your current contract
  4. state whether you work full time or part time and total number of face to face, rostered, patient consultation hours worked each week
  5. state the duration of your weekly sessions and the average number of patients seen per week
  6. state the nature of work including all duties performed.

3.3 Returning from leave

3.3.1 Candidates must notify RACGP if they intend to return from leave before the scheduled leave end date.

3.3.2 Candidates returning from leave must meet with their Medical Educator to review their learning plan. The pathway administrator will schedule a teleconference between the candidate and the Medical Educator. Fees are listed on exam eligibility page.

3.4 Timelines

3.4.1 Applicants will be advised of the outcome of their application within 2 weeks of submission of a completed application.

3.5 Suspending membership during approved leave

Under clause 5.7 of the Leave and Extensions Policy candidates may suspend RACGP membership during approved periods of leave three months or greater in duration, on provision of appropriate supporting evidence. It should be noted however, that access to all RACGP member benefits (e.g. gplearning, check, AFP, RACGP library, discounts on publications and services, and support and advocacy functions) is suspending during the requested period.

Candidates can apply to supply to suspend their membership when applying for leave in the change in circumstance application.

If a suspension of candidacy is approved, any membership fees already paid by the candidate for the period of approved leave will be credited pro-rata towards the cost of their next membership fee.

4. References

Leave and Extensions Policy
General Practice Experience Pathway – Requirements for Fellowship Policy