RACGP educational framework

The RACGP educational framework

Glossary of terms

Last revised: 17 Feb 2021


Assessments are judgements against a standard. These judgements can be for learning and/or for privileging (refer below).

Codified knowledge

Knowledge that can be described and understood with language. Defined competencies are codified knowledge.

Determinants of health

Factors that influence the health status of individuals or a population; they are determined by complex interactions of socioeconomic, environmental and behavioural factors.7


Includes all modes of learning, training, professional development and assessment.

Educational programs

A coherent set or sequence of educational activities designed and organised to achieve specific learning objectives and outcomes.

Education providers

Anyone providing approved programs of general practice education and training. It includes education providers, supervisors and clinical placements.40

Educational scholarship

Knowledge-based educational research and practice. Knowledge is derived from evidence, theory, critical reflection and peer review.41


An activity that facilitates evidence-based improvements in program outcomes and processes.

Extended skills

Skills related to health and medicine that are relevant to general practice but go beyond the core skills required by GPs.


A conceptual structure for placing things in relation to each other.

Health inequities

Systematic differences in the opportunities groups have to achieve optimal health, leading to unfair and avoidable differences in health outcomes.7


Important internal and external demands that RACGP education must address and meet. These underpin the RACGP educational guiding principles that anchor the educational framework.

Person-centred healthcare

Positions the patient as a whole person, including their life and social context, disease as an illness experience, and healthcare as based on the doctor–patient relationship with a focus on enabling the patient to manage their own wellbeing.1


Social privileges accessible through RACGP education, including entering a general practice training program, progression through training, eligibility for Fellowship examination, awarding of qualifications, admission to Fellowship, ongoing status as a Fellow and recognition of skills by external bodies.

RACGP educational management

The staff, managers and organisational structures responsible for decisions and activities related to the management of RACGP education.

Tacit knowledge

Knowing that is beyond verbalised or codified knowledge. This includes embodied knowledge such as knowing an identity.

Work-based learning

Education that occurs in the context of being engaged in work.22

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