RACGP educational framework

The RACGP educational framework

Development, implementation and evaluation of the RACGP educational framework

Last revised: 17 Feb 2021

The RACGP educational framework was developed through a formative evaluation approach, which was considered appropriate in recognition that this is the first version of the framework. The formative evaluation aimed to ensure that the framework had clear evidence-based principles, aims and objectives, as well as articulated outcomes that can be used to evaluate the framework.

The development of the RACGP educational framework has involved broad stakeholder consultation, internal and external to the RACGP, through multiple reviews and forums. This process has been essential for facilitating informed decision making, shaping the final version of the framework, and determining whether the framework is likely to be successful in delivering its intended outcomes. Ongoing consultation will also occur as components of the framework are developed, implemented, evaluated and revised.

Once finalised, the framework will be implemented in two ways. First, it will be embedded into the RACGP’s internal processes. Second, it will be published and disseminated to ensure it is available for learners, educators and educational programs.

To ensure the framework remains current, a three-yearly formal review process will be established. Triggers for initiating interim reviews will also be identified. These triggers could include significant changes in an educational imperative.

A key objective in the implementation of the RACGP educational framework is to provide clear direction to the revision of the RACGP guiding instruments. Revision of the guiding instruments provides the opportunity to align these more closely with the educational framework, thereby improving the coherence of RACGP education. To ensure that the guiding instruments are appropriately aligned with the framework, indicators to support future revisions will be identified, utilising the expertise of the national clinical leads and senior medical educators.

An evaluation plan is also being developed for implementing the framework (including evaluating revisions to guiding instruments). This plan will be developed in consultation with key stakeholders to determine the indicators and methods used to measure the framework’s primary intended outcomes. Evaluation of the revised guiding instruments, which are key to implementing the framework, will be important for this process.

The intended outcomes of implementing the framework are separated into short- to intermediate-term outcomes and long-term outcomes. Short- to intermediate-term outcomes include that:
  • the RACGP educational framework is evidence based
  • the framework responds (and is revised) as national health requirements and educational imperatives change
  • revisions of the Profile of the GP, Curriculum and RACGP education policies and standards are informed by the educational framework and its guiding principles
  • the framework provides a guide for educational program development, educators and learners.
The long-term outcomes of implementing the framework include that RACGP:
  • educational management and delivery are integrated across divisions
  • education is developed coherently across the learning continuum
  • education meets its educational imperatives.
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