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Registrar remediation

Supporting GPs

During the course of their training, registrars may be identified as having deficiencies in their clinical knowledge and skills, their rate of progress within their training, or their clinical competence or performance; the process of remediation supports registrars to overcome these deficiencies.

The RACGP will be responsible for the management of funds for remediation of rural and metropolitan RACGP registrar in the AGPT Program from 2017. This funding will be available for the remediation of a registrar requiring suspension of training time as well as for a range of remediation activities, including additional teaching time, addressing knowledge deficits, case discussion, direct observation of consultation, and review of video-recorded consultations.

Training organisations (TOs) may apply for this funding on behalf of a registrar identified as being in need of remediation only once attempts to address registrar deficiencies at the TO level have not been successful.

In late 2016, the Department of Health devolved administration of registrar remediation program to the Colleges. The RACGP will now administer the program.