Dr Marcus Hayward

Dr Marcus Hayward

Marcus's story

Dr Marcus Hayward, who is in his second term of GP training in Bathurst, grew up in Sydney but has longer term plans to settle in Western NSW.

Why did you decide to become a GP?

Diversity! Diversity of patients, diversity of medical issues and the opportunity to develop multiple interests.

Also, the flexibility of location and hours.

What are you enjoying most about your GP training?

I’m enjoying working with amazing doctors and role models.

I’m also enjoying getting to know patients and being valued as someone people feel they can turn to for help.

Have there been any challenges?

There is a big learning curve in medicine and the breadth of presentations to a GP is enormous. It is an ongoing challenge to deal with. But I find it’s important to push myself to manage things to a high standard while also being honest about, and mindful of, my limitations.

There is also limited specialist access here compared to being in Sydney which sometimes requires extra expertise or attention from us or creative use of the resources we do have.

Are you enjoying training in Bathurst?

Bathurst has a great lifestyle without traffic or commuting.

The community has been welcoming, and my family are really enjoying the local produce, activities, and the great Adventure Playground.

Do you think you might stay in a rural area when you finish training?

I’m hoping to stay in Bathurst in the long term. I’ll have to spend six months more rurally next year to meet program requirements.

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